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Level -1 (level minus 1)

Hi, a member of my guild just went from lvl 700+ to lvl -1 !!! What the hell is going on? Now he cant even play pvp! Anyone already seen such a prob?


You should at least post a pic of it so the console devs know what’s going on.

This problem has been know to happen rarely. Put in a support ticket at zen desk.gemsofwar.com and they will put you back together

I told him to contact 505games customer support.

That’s not good! We’ll get it sorted through the support system - it’s much easier for us to handle these sort of cases through that than on the forums.

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Is it still the customer support of 505games that we must contact? I ask you that because of change of team recently. sorry for my english. its for xbox.

I also have a question about guild level: I heard the update of guild should come on consoles around mid or end october. Until this update, will we still get tasks rewards when our guild reach lvl 1000? (I mean the tokens, gems, keys, souls and treasure maps). I heard that a guild had problems when at lvl 1000.

Thank you in advance.

So if you open a support ticket here: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, that will send you to our team :slight_smile:

As for the guild issues, we’re looking into it for the update, and we shouldn’t see the same issues that the PC/Mobile version had when guilds hit level 1000.

ok thank you for adress of customer support.
about guild if i understand you well, if we reach lvl 1000 in some days (before october update) we might have problems?

Oh, no, I meant the update coming before October. You should’ve have any problems.

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Great news! Cant wait for the update! Thank you!! :slight_smile: