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Guild Task No Reward

It’s been a while since I last played so I may be missing something, but I just payed around 40k to complete a brown guild task and instead of getting a 50(?) keys I got a message saying i’ve already received them in another guild. It’s the guild I created and i’m not part of other guilds and no keys in my inventory so what’s going on?


It happens every time I complete a task now, it used to be that we got keys/gems/souls/maps every time we complete a task and now it gives nothing. Is this supposed to happen?

I had this as well now, but I switched guilds. Take a screenshot, send it to support.

I don’t know how, I wanted copy a screenshot on here for reference but for some reason I cant open the screenshot as an image in a new tab it only recognizes the page not the image…this is not my day today!

I click on support and it’s there’s no actual way to send anything, is there an option on the actual XBox?

Uhhh, no idea, I am on computer and don’t even own an Xbox. I could just manually take a screenshot, save it in MS Paint and attach it there. You can still send a bug report from your computer without a screenshot, though - the devs can look in your collected mail and see the “Guild Task - No Rewards” ones there as long as you haven’t gotten more than 30 other mails since then.

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OK i’ve managed to find what to do, i’ve sent a message even done the paint screenshot as well so hopefully I will hear back soon. Thanks :slight_smile:

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They’re super-busy right now because of the holidays and it might take them a week to get back to you. But they always do, so let’s just hope we get our stuff!

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Haha I just logged in to see another guild mate had completed a task and I had a reward to claim, I opened it and said I had some keys, just as I closed it in a split second I saw the text change. I opened up the collected tab to see the message had CHANGED to “Guild Task - No Reward”. I got no keys.

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I got another LT, this time done by another guildmate, with no rewards again as well… you’re not alone.:confounded:


The issue is caused by more than one player contributing/completing a task at the same time (or very close together), causing the game to send a message to the whole Guild that the task has not been received. We performed extensive investigation on game accounts for the issue and discovered that the tasks rewards are being received.

You got the rewards the first time and the “already received” mail the second time.

The issue may also be caused by you changing guilds (but that is actually a different problem which is by design, this was an actual issue). If it happened recently you can check in your ‘Collected’ mail to be sure you got the rewards. It is fixed now!

We have caught up! For now :see_no_evil:

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Not quite! :wink: I’m still waiting on a reply to my reply. But you guys are doing great, keep it up!

Did you get a response?

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Oh yes, I got one! All good! I had been worried, thinking that I had done something wrong (as I had replied to a matter Kafka had obviously considered closed already) as a ticket I had sent later had gotten answered without problems. But I did get my reply on Sunday (which is Monday for you Australia guys). Thanks for checking in with me!

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