PS4's Update is live!

Time to join our Xbox friends

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Nice, hope you have tons of fun. :smiley:

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I plan on it. More Traitstones thanks to Maps and Hero classes!

XBOX just got reset! new Daily top task for me.

Time to see what’s working and what’s broken.

Important for everyone.

The Xbox version had a bug where most people couldn’t receive guild awards. While that was fixed for them, we need to make sure it’s fixed for us. So please VERIFY that guild rewards work for everyone before dumping all your gold.


why do i see a negative 1 in the task bar? also my tasks are not being counted.

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The -1 issue is known. Also try doing them 1 at a time.

also 1 set a day? I hate this update >:(


its pretty terrible.

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I bet the devs cant wait for the official console feedback report. Have a feeling they will get savaged.

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Guild glitch is there.

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Guild rewards are supposed to show up as emails in game. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the PS4 guild rewards are broken too.

They are. Just like what was on Xbox earlier

Well, the PS4 guild bug aint gonna get fixed tonight, and they can’t give you back the missing loot. So I’d recommend setting a do not donate guild message. I did make a support ticket and did get a decent consolation prize from them.