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Guild reward problem

Ok so me and my girlfriend both play the game and we both have different accounts on the Xbox one and we are both in separate guilds and for some reason I sometimes get her guild rewards on my account and then she gets my guild rewards on her account just wondering if this happens to anyone else. Also I’ve noticed that every body in the guild has a different reset date when it comes to gold and trophies why is that shouldn’t everyone reset date be the same.

I’m in exactly the same situation, except on PS4 and we never receive each other’s guild rewards.

I don’t know what is up with the guild stats update. It seems to me that everyone should reset at the same time, preferably at the same time that the weekly event rolls over. Why they don’t do that, I have no idea.

Yeah the reward problem started when we got the new update

Are you getting her rewards in addition to your rewards, or instead of your rewards?

It’s random sometimes I get mine sometimes I get hers