Can we make people's gold/trophies reset at a uniform time?

It’s really weird as a guild leader tryin to see how everyone is doin for the week when people reset at different seemingly random times throughout sun/mon… why can’t it just switch over at 8am the day the new event troops arrive?

also would be super nice to be able to look at a bit of history see how people did for previous weeks…


I believe 2.1 will fix these things since that is the update focused completely on guilds. PC/Mobile has always had this issue too.

it’s so whack I think I may have sent messages to 2 members asking why their trophy count was so low… when they just happend to reset super early i don’t even know… I used to be able to check early Sun… maybe I need to start checking late sat instead… so weird…

That’s what I do, then whomever’s behind I write down their totals, if their totals don’t meet the necessary difference by the near end of Sunday, they get punished.

Though with how active the guild’s been as of late, I’m only writing down a name a week.
Really easy to keep track of.

sunday has always seemed early enough before I guess this is just a freaky even earlier than normal reset… thats a great idea write both totals so I can see if they actually got the minimum when I wasn’t lookin, thx.

I’m lagging a little this week but real life and all. Hopefully the moneys donated offset that.

all hose trades slowed ya down :stuck_out_tongue:

no worries.

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Draco possibly the differing reset timetable is likely due to those guildmembers being somewhere on the other side of the globe. For example if they live in Oceania (Australia etc) that’s 18 hours ahead of the West Coast USA. I kind of suspect that these people can unlock newly-arrived kingdoms ‘early’ because it’s already Tuesday in their part of the world.

I wouldn’t bet on v2.x working perfectly to stabilize the reset times all the time. On other gaming networks, every time there were server upgrades (or even the twice-yearly daylight savings change) this typically caused individual member’s reset times to start diverging from the ‘official’ reset time in PST.

In the meantime the only sure-fire way to track # trophies won is to record the total trophies that everyone had at the beginning of the week. Use your own reset time as your start point for the week.

this could be true I’m in cali but my guild members are all over the globe…

nevertheless and easier way to tell how people did would be nice… I’d love a history like see the last few months… say a guy doesn’t get close to the minimums a guild has but you can see for 2 months straight es doubled or even tripled em… well that data would tell me t o cu the guy some slack.

I have a whole notebook for statistic purposes xD
I write down everyone’s trophy count each new week, so I don’t care about earlier resets, trophie count doesn’t lie (it does sometimes! -.-)
That also enables me to have a view of many weeks back to see a players history (has he been constantly decreasing amount of trophies earned, or is lower amount influenced with something else)
I also discovered that way that my guild earns more trophies a week then 30 put of top 50 guild :slight_smile:
Last week we got slightly above 2000 trophies in total.