Trophies status in guild roster incorrect

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened? Was checking on the end of the week to see who is earning trophies and who is just using up free rewards, and status tells that players who I know played during whole week have 0 trophies. Is it possible that statistics for some players resets before the new week starts?

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
I can post pictures of roster but I prefer not to do so, I’ll send them do developers if asked for through private message.

Were they just hit with the early reset? By this I mean, where the showing trophies all week, and then sometime last night they got set to 0 earlier than you expected?

The week does seem to reset at different times for people. Mine, east coast USA, is 11 AM EDT, while I have guildmates, in Europe I think, that reset much earlier.

Well I don’t know was it showing during the week, but the player I talked with was earning trophies during the week. And she doesn’t lose battles to that point that she had equal amount of wins and lost there for resting on 0. So I suppose it’s some earlier reset, just wanted to confirm that option is possible, and this isn’t a bug.

Due to this happening give everyone a free week of no kicks.

You should keep the amount of total trophies for each member somewhere (spreadsheet or such), and compare the numbers every week, rather than counting on the weekly counter. I believe that’s what most guild leaders do to avoid such issues.

Aside from the obvious time zone difference from USA and Europe, and taking Daylights Savings Time into account, reset times should be consistent

That topic is correct on point when does the next week start in different time zones (which is consistent), but times when the statistics resets doesn’t seem to be consistent.

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Ah. Well, having never run a guild nor checked stats, I can’t say… I do remember reading at some point that a player’s PvP rank isn’t reset until they actually log in, so if I log in at 11:01 am EDT, I could play someone who’s still at Rank 1 because they haven’t logged in yet, but don’t know if that’s the case for trophies and whatever else you can check on.

You are right about that, your rank resets once you log in when the new week starts. But this was about statistic resetting for some players even before the new week has started.

I just give my members a 24h notice before de/pre-motions and kicks take place. At the same time I look over which members haven’t finished contributions and only write down those ones, then when kicking/ranking the next day I compare my recorded stats to their overall stats.

Way easier on me than writing down everyone’s Gold/Trophy count every single week.

I give a notice too, except web kicking because of 7+ days inactivity, no point in notifying someone who stoped playing xD
Luckily that doesn’t happen often.