Reset days changed? answer given/solved


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I expected to reset tomorrow as I always have since started playing game but I have already reset in gold/trophy but my pvp rank still shows rank 1
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
NO but could get one figure top part says it all

was wondering if some change was done to days people reset or if this is some bug.and if my gold/trophy has reset whouldn’t my pvp rank?


It’s always been like this. Sometimes weekly guild counters reset early.

The actual reset doesn’t occur until you see the next event troop/weapon.


hmm but I have never reset on a sunday before ever. its a day earlier than my normal. which also means I only had 6 days this week.

atleast as far as weekly gold/trophy totals for week go would be 6 days instead of the full 7 I normally get


Ther have been cases of even earlier resets. It’s why the top guilds track totals not weekly counters. The totals are never wrong just the week to weeks.


@Mufasha That’s true. I have also seen, on a few occasions, the weekly total didn’t reset for 2 weeks at a time.


ok guess as long as pvp resets tomorrow . never had this happen to me before thanks for replies


@mkshandley I just checked my guilds roster and i see a guy that has already reset, (he’s one hr. behind me in time). This is the first time I’ve seen him reset early. It’s so random that no one can figure out why it happens.


Maybe it’s tied to the crappy cloud server we still have half the game on


A good half my guild resets by the time the devs post the next week’s event.
Don’t even pay it any mind anymore unless someone hasn’t finished contribution the day before.


guess I just used to Monday morning reset and almost same time is pvp /new weekly reward troops, but now a day early for part of it is odd to me


@Macawi I have a player in my guild who shows no games played nor gold contributions either daily or totals yet is shown as PvP1. He ‘was’ in danger of being bumped from our Guild. But, he claims he has played many games and contributed gold. I have tried reporting this

But, no matter how I try I cannot get it to work. Either my password or something else is not recognised or something else is wrong. Also tried to get a new password and even that didn’t work.



we have had a silimilar thing in our guild. ranked pvp member think it said 7 with 0 trophy and log in says 7 days. doesn’t make sense

be bad to boot a member for inactivity though and was due to bug and they were active :frowning:


I really don’t want to bump a player out if there is ANY doubt. So will just wait until next week and have a peek. Sheesh, i’m a poet and didn’t know it! :sunglasses:

I will look after my guy until I am sure, only fair. :innocent:


@Bludax I noticed that for some reason I had to enter the first letter of my email address as a capital to log onto the support page. Upon registration my email address had all lowercase. Hopefully if you do this it will let ya log-in.


Thanks @Macawi. Interesting. Will try and report back. :slight_smile:

Tried and failed. Error message at top of window, had to search for it and lucky to find it, states ‘Platform cannot be blank’. Referring to my OS. I entered Windows 10 a number of times in different forms but still got the same error message! Tried email with Capital letter also. No - it doesn’t work (for me).:rage:


To avoid this you need to track totals. The devs will not be able to help, they have hunted for the error for hours over months and then gave up now that we are so close to 2.1 (yes the one after this one) where they will redo the whole system.

Gold/Trophy reset 2 times in two days?

Thanks @Mufasha. Understood. Saw the other thread after I started tapping the keys in here. There are two guild-mates affected. Both use PC AND Cellphone to play. I strongly suspect the problem lies in this area. I have informed the player affected this week, showing no change from last week that I we can wait and see what happens next week with his stats.

In the meantime he can also try to put in a job-order in the hope the devs can manually adjust the data so it shows in the Guild stats.

If this problem is not widespread then the devs should be able to do it easily. If the problem is huge, then of course, they won’t have the time to do anything manual.

On the other hand, the devs may be rushing around like blue-a%$£ flies doing the finishing touches to 2.0 :slight_smile: