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Guild Member Login/PVP Don't Make Sense (PS4)

This has been like this since before the patch. I have a two members where they haven’t logged in/played a battle for ages (or so says the game) yet they are rank 12 or lower on PVP.

One member it says 43 days since last battle yet PVP rank 12.

Another is 48 days and rank 9 in PVP.

Now either their battle log is wrong or their PVP is wrong. The PVP stats haven’t changed since this bug started, regardless of the new PVP refreshes.

Time to put in a ticket snap a few pictures cause i want to see this. Also this might be a bug.

I’ve cropped them so you can see what I mean.

pvp rank doesnt reset til you log in next.

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Well that makes no sense as I’ve had other members not come on for over a week before and their ranks reset.

hmm they usually don’t… theres some dead leagues on the bottom with people that say they have 200 trophies and are rank 1 but haven’t been on for over 100 days… and thats on ps4… probably people have over a year offline on pc…

I agree, a player’s PvP rank does not reset until they log back in.

It will always have to be that way. Otherwise, if they were reset they cannot collect the Glory/ Souls/ Keys/ Gold that they rightfully earned for reaching that rank during the Event week that they gained their trophies.

As far as I know, the only attribute which is reset to 0 for all members each week is the weekly Guild Gold contributions.

I wish that guilds that have no online members for a year get disbanded but i wonder if that is cruel or not.

guild leaders should get auto demoted after 30days of inactivity…

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If it was reset to 0 weekly then I wouldn’t have gold showing on the two I mentioned.

And as I’ve said before, I’ve seen pvp resets on other members who haven’t logged in for ages.

Either way, there needs to be a better system to indicate whether a guild member is active or not as last battle doesn’t tell you whether they login just to give gold.

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[quote=“ruzin, post:10, topic:5657”]
Either way, there needs to be a better system to indicate whether a guild member is active or not…[/quote]

I completely agree with this.