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Trophy reset question (ANSWERED)

This isn’t crucial by any means, but it’s bugging me that my trophies reset early.

I was just wondering if there was an explanation for it.

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I have wondered the same @Koolbiird. I can’t figure out the criteria for it. Some in my guild (that are in the same time zone as me) have already reset for the week, but I have not.

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A couple people in my guild do that too. And one has not reset for two weeks.

Yes, it’s odd checking the guild roster regularly just before weekly reset and watching a succession of guildmates slowly have their weekly counts reset - which ones reset earlier or later seems to be somewhat random.

Hasn’t reset for two weeks huh. That’s definitely odd.

His total trophies for the two weeks is over 1000. Looks good but still odd for the system to glitch like that.

Ours in Match Masters are all over the place. Its annoying for those of us who are trying to do record-keeping… we’re shifting to just look at the difference in totals on a weekly basis I think, the glitching is too much.

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I appreciate the reply. I can deal with random, but the same question bugs me. “Why now?”

I can only imagine that headache.

I don’t think this issue is new to 1.0.9 - it’s been happening at least since I started playing in 1.0.7.

This is the first time for me. I wasn’t aware this was an old problem.

The old adage “It never matters until it happens to you.”

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have member doing same didn’t reset and got 2 weekly totals. very frustrating as I do the record keeping for guild

Ok. So, this is definitely a thing.

My trophy/gold dose not reset if I log in on Monday mornings an hour or 2 before it resets. I no longer log in before going to work on Mondays to get tribute.

As to when it resets… I guess it is 9AM where ever you live.

The 9am thing doesn’t match my experience.

It’s also not local midnight, because there aren’t enough time zones ahead of where I live for it to be midnight when I’ve seen guild members’ trophy counts reset.


I know it depends on the Time zone you live in as to when it resets.
Thats why some players reset at different times

I’ve reset 14 hours before i normally reset. Ive been playing since November and this is the first time it has happened.

@Koolbiird A couple of questions:

  1. Did you receive your weekly reset rewards as well as having the reset?
  2. If you play PVP what rank are you compared to before?

No, I didn’t receive anything.
My rank never changed,

I completed a guild task and my trophies came back. I guess it was just a glitch.