Reliable Reset System

Feature Request/Bug Fix

I would like to see the Weekly Rewards payout, the Weekly Reset time, and New Store items all be automated with a reliable consistent system. I know it is not the case, but it sure feels like all of this is handled on a case by case basis by hand. :wink:

For brevity, I’m not going to list all the issues players have experienced with the current setup. But the existing system its not working.

Thanks for reading.

Not to even mention the random stat reset. Just got hit.

Yeah, 5 minutes ago I got hit with another reset for this week. But the good news is this time my PvP rank reset, so that nice.

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Now I can’t even play. Can’t connect to server error. GRRRRR!!!


I ve had my weekly stats rest yesterday and today and an hour later my pvp rank reset (now) & my gold contribution done today also reset (around 40k)… Now the game kicked me out due server issues while I tried to claim my guild rewards…

Well, I suppose that it is nice that it isn’t just me.

Well… But the same guild


It’s truxtons fault! !! Lmao

Don’t lnow what happened but the servwr are really slow right now and get lot of error msg and event is reset also

I got my stats reseted 3 times this week! around midnight (sunday to monday), tuesday 17h00 (the normal one) and again not long ago. Im sure Darkheaven is behind all that…

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Ha. Yeah, lets blame Darkheaven!!

Would be nice if the devs could reset weekly event and stats all at the same time instead of stat reset Monday am, daily reset Tuesday am, weekly event Tuesday afternoon. (US EASTERN STANDARD TIMES)

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I agree that having 3 “scheduled weekly resets” per week is a bit much. Then throw in 0-2 random stat resets depending on the week/player and things look haphazard. I think the reset order is Stat, Event, then PvP.

Perhaps if the Developers pick one particular day and time per week it would be easier to manage?


Bumping my own thread, after the Daily reset today has apparently removed everyones “Loyalty Bonus” on console (X1 & PS4).

Perhaps a simplified bug free Weekly AND Daily should be looked at.