[XB1] Event week reset 24 hours early! Has it been fixed?

Last night, I was in-game at 11:47pm PST when suddenly Global Chat (001) players reported that the event week had reset a day early. PvP Tier ladder was reset and more alarmingly, all Guild Tasks had reset to 0/12.

My guildmates who were online at the time noticed this, too. Our XB1 guild had completed Purple to 12/12 and was on track for completing Red and Blue when the reset occurred.

I signed out of GoW then to preserve my game state and submitted a Support Ticket to 505.

I have seen no other reports of this issue here even though others were experiencing this at the time. Why? 3 hours ago console players were unable to load, enter and join the game. Game Chat Gem forums claimed “server is down.”

Any word on what’s going on and whether we’ll be updated?

While this was posted in regards to PS4 I’m going to assume it applies to Xbox as well: (was posted last night, so “tomorrow” is now today)

Hey thanks for that link @Ozball!

(Although I still can’t track down which sub forum that thread is actually located in…)

Thing that’s really annoying me is that I never got a chance to use any of my Guild seals this week before the reset. Saving seals for next week doesn’t increase anyone’s chances of getting a Mythic/ legendary/ Imp/ whatever then…
(So far my record is zero Imps from chests, their drop rate is nearly as problematic as a Mythic’s).

I guess @Strat has called it… There’s probably going to be yet another weekly reset in 7 hours on top of the early reset, right?

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It does seem likely :frowning:

Also that thread isn’t actually classified under a subforum, the OP left it as un-categorized when they created it, and I don’t have regular status any more to change it (assuming that’s something regulars can still do)

I popped it into the console support category.


Look on the bright side, maybe you can pound out some extra seals before the regular reset, and have a few more chances to pull a notanimp. :grinning:

The other bright side is that your guild can re-complete a bunch of the low cost guild tasks for a second time this week.

My guild was REALLY close to hitting 40,000 seals for the first time yesterday and I think we would have made it today if not for this. I’m sure we will make it next week, and I’ll have a few hundred extra seals to buy chests then. Overall, my feeling is about the same as yours.