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PVP and Guild Tasks error

My pvp and guild tasks say error your event has ended a new one will begin shortly. I tried logging out and back in, no change. It is 1045am eastern time US, so it should be a new event, and the new troops are in the shop and new event on the event screen, just cant access pvp or pay for guild tasks or get the rewards that others in the guild payed for.

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Before I left for work this morning, I too had this issue. has it been resolved for you?

Not yet, I submitted a ticket to 505 and they have responded that they have let the developers know about the problem.

good to know, thank you :slight_smile:

I got the same problem in Xbox one, I hope this would solve soon. :sob:

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A member in my guild has the same issue.

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I seem to be having the same issue on ps4 unable to do pvp and recive guild task rewards and seals

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Hallo ich habe das problem auch und ich bin Gilden leaderin und ich möchte so gerne spielen und meine sachen machen aber es geht ja nicht. Ich will nur hoffen das sie das problem bis morgen behoben haben

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I have 1 in my guild as well with this happening, maybe it’s the west coast server USA?

Will they be refunded for all tasks missed? He is a little reluctant to report but I think he needs to.


So it seems that anyone who was playing at reset was affected. Just a theory tho.

I would tell him to put in a ticket. They are aware of it, but at least if he had a ticket in, they’ll know that his account was affected. I was on at the switch and mine got jacked, my husband wasn’t on and his is fine… :frowning:

I think you’re right, I was on at the switch.

Mine was fixed today when I logged in, if anyone was wondering.

I figured if ppl stayed off at reset then It would auto correct itself and all you need now is the rewards that were missed.

mine is fixed as well :slight_smile: