Console 1.095 Bug Reporting Thread

Similar to what they have for the PC, thought it might be helpful for the devs and the community if there were one thread for the bugs showing up in the latest console update. This way if things were fixed, we can see that as well.

So far the main things that have been mentioned are (with links to the original threads/posts too for reference):

Guild Rewards are not being received by the rest of the guild. - fixed on both.

Challenges are showing up starting at -1/x times (so you have to do it 1 more time than what’s listed).

Challenges don’t record your action unless you do 1 at a time.

Minor ones:
Celestasia’s text reads that it should make 10 gems, though the effect only makes 8.
Avina’s text doesn’t include that she does 3x damage vs. Undead.
Behemoth’s text says it destroys 8 gems though the effect destroys 10 now.
The Leader trait now says it only raises stats by 2 though the effect still raises them by 3.

If there’s anything else, just add it here and hopefully @Nex, @Mr.Strange, @Foresti and the other devs will be able to take care of everyone.

Along the guild bug lines. My Guild icon will not stop blinking no matter what.


Daily task for revenge reads 5 yet you only need 3.

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2 little things:

in guild crew menu, all members who contributed more than 1 million gold have their all time total too high on screen displayed.

also after finishing the treasure hunt, the page with stats disappear after some sec. i would like to have time to read it and decide when i want to make it disappear by pressing “A” like it is after pvp match.


@Nex @Mr.Strange

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The Treasure Hunt results outcome page is supposed to persist so we can review how we did, and see how many traitstones and keys & maps & glory were produced. This is how it works on the PC/Mobile version of the game. User is required to actively click to dismiss the results page.

Right now it’s doing a sort of glitch-like graphical pop before it shows up, and it fades from the screen too soon for comfortable viewing.

But yah, no more lag during team selection. High five!

The guild rewards issue should now be fixed. There’s no way to retrieve rewards earned during the past six hours, but things should be working properly from here on out.

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Thank you.

If the others can confirm it too, I’ll take it off the list.

Still that blinking icon. Nothing changed

Try completing a guild task to clear it.

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I can’t. PS4 for me.

thx it worked

No problem. Mine is still blinking away madly at me. Although I am now receiving mail/rewards. So that’s great.


Just an fyi the description in the mail reads: completed %2 task. This was for 10 Gems. In addition the Guild Icon still is blinking, but it does clear for some users. (see the post above).


In the troop menu the troops revert back to their base rarities occasionally

Were you in the arena or aside from that?

I was in the troops screen, where you level/trait them. It was after about an hour of play.

Also I can see if it now, and potentially use him. I don’t know if that’s intended or a bug

If you had bought him before when he was leaked he may be playable since if you show all, all Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands troops should appear. And if you had bought him, he could be a live troop. So not really a bug here, but rather the effect of a prior one.

When I first unlocked hero classes, the dialog box informed me that I could switch for free weekly. However, the timer is showing 24 hours. Either the timer is wrong or the dialog box is wrong. Also, should I report spelling/grammar errors here? I’ve come across numerous grammatical errors and would be happy to point them out from now on.

Current on PC was 24 hours so I’d rather the text be wrong.

The new armor isn’t showing up in the shop