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Console 1.095 Bug Reporting Thread

Are you surprised about no armour in shop? The shop has been ****** since April 1st.

Challenges such as Use 30 Keys don’t register unless you do them 1 at a time (the person used 1 key at a time for it to count).

That was one of the -1 tasks as well

@Nex, @Mr.Strange

PS4 is not receiving guild tasks rewards when completed by another. Same as the Xbox problem.

Now it appears to be working?

Our guild on the ps4 is now receiving guild rewards

3 glory from a treasure hunt? Bug? Or treasure hunt results nerfed way too hard?

Um, that’s always been a possibility in treasure hunt. Nothing abnormal about that.

Versus 35 to 95 glory when treasure hunt was 15 turns ? Now treasure hunt at 8 turns 3 glory is normal ? Just saying treasure hunt results are looking nerfed way too hard

Yeah what was the rest of the board like? Did you get more gold or souls? How many turns was your match? Etc.

So yeah walking away with 3 glory isn’t all that unheard of especially when you can still get gold and souls in higher chests too

This is the map update where they nerfed turns but not items in chest right?

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I have two problems.

  1. I can´t accumulate any wins on the hero class.

  2. I can´t seem to find the Deathknight Armor anywhere.

Yeah but before it was 75 turns with many green and some red chests and now its barely 30 to 40 turns with 5 to 7 green chests with most runs being under 30 turns and thus fewer or less loot be it gold , souls, glory or gems the loot is less

Before you had 15 bullets to kill 15 rabbits now you get 8 bullets to kill rabbits and most runs its half of the rabbits that used to be killed so now only 8 rabbits.

Treasure hunt got nerfed by half of past results .
Did 50 maps before i said bah humbug and posted.

some Players had a weekly Gold reset yesterday pls fix this. 1 Player donated 400000 Gold on
Tuesday but now Guild says weekly 0 :confused:

Found another bug yesterday with player classes.

I initially unlocked one (I think warden) and switched to that, and earned 10 wins. I later switched to sorcerer.

However, when I go into sorcerer and check the bonuses, it’s saying I need to switch to that class to get the bonuses, and when I go into warden, it’s saying I’m a warden so I gain the bonuses. I’m 100% sure I switched to sorcerer, the victories I am getting are counting towards sorcerer and my actual gem mastery reflects my sorcerer’s bonus. Also I get a prompt to switch to warden when I initially choose that and don’t get that prompt when I choose sorcerer.

Just added a few for text errors for troops in the first post.

You apparently have to remove the Hero from your Team(s) and re-recruit every time you switch Classes

  1. grosh-nak,challenge No1,kill summoner and respawn level 1 ancienr horror,is wrong.
  2. troops,press triangle filters,upgradeable,press R1 button [ps4] and game crashing every time.
    upgradeable filter have problem.

I have too many masteries now… + didnt get the weapons

The text is incorrect. You can change your class for free once every 24 hours.

All the text issues identified here have been addressed.

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Great to hear.

Will they be automatically updated?