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Souls and gold bundle currently FREE on xbox one for gold members ($9.99 value)

Just got mine!


How much of each did it contain?

I’m at work, I just downloaded it from xbox.com. In other words, I have no idea :smiley:

Haha, I came here to post the same as I just noticed it. 50 gold keys and 1000 souls.

Thanks for the tip!

The extra 1,000 Souls are great.

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I didn’t get anything :cry:

I got my rewards. It was a couple hours between when I downloaded it and logged in my console, so maybe there is some delay?

Don’t know… mine was instantaneous. Gems was running in background, went to the MS store, when I switched back to GoW the rewards screen was already up.

Are you on playstation?

Thanks for the info, I would have missed out.

I main PS4 but I play XB1 too

not much gold but 50 free keys anyone wanna adopt some goblins?

50 gold keys
1000 souls

Just got it thanks for the info

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Got the notification on xbox that it had finished downloading but even after a restart they still haven’t shown up.

I got the keys in-game before the notification that it was downloaded, interestingly.

Well I downloaded mine about 8:30 this morning and here it is 11:44 pm and i still have no bundle. :frowning:

Did you check in xbox notification on the dashboard? I had to open it same as when you download a game

Tried that, said "“Ready to start”. It shows Installed in the game hub. Guess I just missed out. I was having all sorts of problems connecting to the servers this morning so maybe something glitched and I just lost it.

I’m upset that the game isn’t letting the souls and gold bundle to work. I downloaded the game and then downloaded the add-on but no in game souls gold or keys. I’m confused… I get that it’s free which is a nice head start but it’s really frustrating when you expect something and then never arrives… Please fix this!

To anyone having problems. I would suggest contacting 505 Support. They have always been responsive to my tickets.