2 Free Magic Keys?


I know that it was posted a long, long, long, time ago, but I do recall there being a 2 magic key reward for all players if the twitter for GoW ever reached 1,000. It is over that right now at 1,061. https://twitter.com/GemsOfWar

Do we still get anything? :slight_smile: @Nimhain @Sirrian

In giving something to everyone in game, you could easily re-advertise your social media.


That sounds like a good idea to me!
We’ll send out something later this week.

Looks like the servers will be coming down in the next few hours for our database migration (I’ll make another post about that shortly), and we’ve got a cool little surprise for everyone once we’ve back online!

So I think later in the week is probably the best time to send out a Twitter reward!


Nice find @Tacet! The hero we need!


Woot! Free keys arrived in the mail just now!

Thanks devs, and thanks @Tacet for reminding them!


I feel like it is my duty these days to help give the community free things for support and for being active in the community. xD

For example, I will be auctioning off the 1 arcane traitstone that I get from the 2nd Fantasy Series. I also got Nimhain to generously agree to increasing the codes I hand out from 101 to 150.


Thanks for doing all of that :slight_smile:
And good news on redeem code increase, it was needed :slight_smile:


Apparently the reward will still be claimable over 46,000 years from now. Good to know.


That is good to know. I won’t be getting home for another 8 hours to claim it. There is a chance I may fall into a wormhole in that time.


So after the Gems of War servers improve so much they become sentient, take over the world, and mold it into the game’s image, and force the human race to play out the battles for its amusement?


If that happens i can still claim the keys tto save myself.