GOW Yen & Yang

I have 2 gow games, 1 on ps4 and 1 on my phone. I was in guilds in both, but recently left the one on phone.
I love playing gow but it starts to feel like an obligation when I’m in a guild. Like, I HAVE to join in guild wars to help the guild, and I HAVE to participate in events that help the guild, I HAVE to get so many seals, gold and trophies etc.
I love the relaxed feeling of just being able to play explore runs and class trials and anything else I can do without a guild. It’sjust a game after all. Sometimes I don’t feel like playing certain games I have, sometimes I’m just not in that mood ya know?
However… there’s definitely a side of me that enjoys helping my guild achieve the best we can. It’s just that… it’s like being told what to do. :joy:Like right now for example, I feel I HAVE to play guild wars today and I really don’t want to lol. (So far I’m 5/0 4/1 5/0.)
I’m just tired of the “pull” to play. It’s a low-key dilemma. (lol I probably could have made my point in less words).

Yeah, I have enough obligations I just can’t do guilds. I created a guild so I could do some of the guild things, but we don’t do guild wars. I totally understand what you are saying :smiley:

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We have 0 obligation guilds in our alliance. Or one at least, and some low obligation guilds.

With people occasionally doing at least some guild stuff it’s better than not being in a guild at all.

These types of guilds are out there as you can see. So if you can be relaxed even though you are in a guild (if there are no requirements) and won’t push yourself, I’d join one of that type.

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Oh yeeeaahh… thank you. (But I know I’ll feel guilty leaving my guild​:rofl:… … they’re such cool people and they contribute so well :pensive:. I’m a mess lol. Guess I can’t have it both ways.)

Yeah, that’s a tough situation to be in.

I’m sometimes also forcing myself to do some things I don’t really like so I can support the people in my guild.

That’s part of why guilds are such an important part of keeping people invested in the game.