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All I want for Christmas is to forge . . .

I’ve been wanting an Autumnal Imp to appear in the Soulforge, and I know a lot of folk really want a Pharos Ra.

So since it’s almost Christmas and we’ve been good heroes all year, I thought we could put together a little wish list of Troops we’d like in the Soulforge for Christmas, and see if the devs can’t produce a Christmas miracle! :smiley:

Post your desired Troop below, only one Troop per post, or if the troop you want is already posted, give that post a Like. I’ll tally up the likes a week from now to make a list for @Sirrian Claus. :santa:


Dear Sirrian Claus,

I have been a good hero all year, and so I would really like an Autumnal Imp for Christmas (you know, or before, before is totally fine too).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,



At this rate, there will be another eclipse before we see a Pharos Ra again.


Pharos-Ra CAUSES the eclipse, if you look at his spell. So you know when he’ll appear next - according to google, Germany gets the next 2081. :wink:

Since Pharos-Ra was already mentioned here in the topic now, I’ll go with Ysabelle for my post. Never enough Ysabelle. (Yes, she was there for half of this week, but I’d like her to stop by in two weeks again when she can.)


I just wish to be able to craft arcanes without using celestials


I wish to craft a Mongo because im not getting it…

Ra Ra Pharos Ra!!!

and Highforge… :cry:

Why do all things “FORGE” hate me!? :sob:

I want to craft the dungeon bosses




I thought I escaped the pharos rafers lol

I got my summer imp imp to mythic but had to buy four :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dear devs,

I’m not going to have enough diamonds to craft a mythic by Christmas. I am a terribly bad boy, the kind of guy who ties ladies to train tracks. Please place a lot of coal in my mailbox. I can compress it to diamonds. And use it to burn things.


old weapons

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My toof fromft teeft


Dear Sirrian Claus and the elven help team.
I’ve been a really good boy and not sworn on the forum for a few hours, so please can I have the ability to craft the staff of madness for my Christmas present?
Little Daniel

Technically you’re using Jewels to craft Celestials, then using those to craft Arcanes…

Pharos-Ra is the big one for me. I’m not quite sure but I think I’ll barely have enough Diamonds in time to craft a second Mythic at Christmas. Second would probably be Yasmine’s Chosen.

As the famous Egyptian has been mentioned I will go with Wulfgarok

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Dear Sirrian Claus;

I’m not going to ask for Pharos Ra. I’m not even going to ask for a troop at all…

I’d just like a nice, shiny new walking stick. Something with a nicely cut stone in the top should do, perhaps matching by favourite colour…though it seems to have slipped my mind. Ah, yes! It’s just dawned on me, a lovely shade of ruby should do it. A little sparkle would be nice too, perhaps a touch of the celestial. Don’t go overboard though, I wouldn’t want you to sell your soul to afford it.



Next Total Solar Eclipse is predicted for July 2, 2019 in Chile/Argentina.

See? We only have to wait 19 more months for Pharos-Ra! :crazy_face:

I wish for King Highforge, Infernus, Euryali & Scylla.

I’m probably going to be about 1000 diamonds short of crafting another mythic before xmas, maybe a bit less, and that’s including all the shards i have to convert. So first and foremost i’d like just enough resources to craft one. I’m missing most mythics, so besides the big chicken it’s hard to decide. But, i’d have to go with draak, fully traited. He’s just crazy lethal and it looks like so much fun. I see him used with the 3 guild wars troops a lot and he does insane damage. Plus he gains life on skulls even when tangled (i was surprised cuz psion doesn’t steal mana when tangled) so once you add that in his life is ridiculously high. The one time my tds resurrected 3 times before finally biting dust and he had about 170 health still. I just wanna do that, it would be oh so satisfying. Would definitely make me holly jolly this xmas!