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All I want for Christmas is to forge . . .

I’m looking at Draakulis, ketras and the plague in that order. My mrs has had 4 draaks and I still need one. It’s a weird thing this rng. I have 4 aby and she never pulled her when she was playing.

One Yasmine’s Chosen and my collection will be complete.

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Ring of Wonder to be craftable.

If we’re wishing for availability of craftable weapons in general…

I wouldn’t mind actually if the Forge-only item “EYE of XATHENOS” shows up again for real $ in the Shop. I missed buying it for Glory two years ago because I didn’t realize, at the time, that it would be far far more difficult to obtain missing weaponry than to pick up missing troops.

Sure we can create the Eye in the Forge but… ermmmm, um… I’m kinda extremely low on Celestials (low enough that I’d have trouble traiting any new legendaries) and REALLY low on Diamonds (I’d need 3500 more of those to forge anything Mythic…).

EYE of XATHENOS appears to have been a Ghulvania-specific event, so here’s hoping the next time ghouls and vampires are scheduled to party in Krystara, I’ll be able to pick up :eye: The Eye for $5 on both my console and PC accounts, and maybe even a little :japanese_ogre: Draakulis love from Event Chests. :tada::clinking_glasses::heartpulse:

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