QoL update next?

Since we just got a huge cashgrab update, can I suggest that it would be a very nice christmas present to everyone for there to be a quality of life update next? There are dozens and dozens of very good QoL improvements, balance updates, and very simple and clean feature requests on this forum. Spending a tiny bit of time on some of them would go a long way to a happier player base. If the schedule is too tight for Christmas, maybe even just having a roadmap published that includes some nod to player enjoyment rather than player exploitation? Anything to give us hope. Please…?


Keep dreaming.

Can we at least get 4 medal slots? One is blocked by season medals, and I constantly have to change one of the other two.

I mean, there’s loads of stuff you could do. But 4, better yet 5 of these shouldn’t take too much time to add.

Small wish… Probably won’t get even that but one can dream…

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I’m semi-concerned there will be another round of Naughty and Nice balance changes that will be more naughty than nice.