A Lovely Christmas

Dear Infinity Plus Two,

Thank you for some lovely Christmas gifts. They may not be “worth” much, but the 12 Days of Christmas gifts are a really nice and creative idea.

Even more than that, the Shelf on an Elf makes me grin hugely every time I see or think of it! Brilliant!

It’s just a shame it comes on the back of patch 5.3, which was so ridiculously skewed towards monetisation. If you’d put an equal amount of effort into fixing/tidying up the game – ie: actually doing the things experienced players have long been asking for – it wouldn’t feel like such a slap in the face. Again.

Merry Christmas!

Here’s to a New Year with new, less obnoxious, ways of thinking.

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I try not to be too manipulative, but that does, sadly work. :slight_smile: