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Quality of Life Improvements Request

I would like to see the following quality of life enhancements added to the game.

  1. Please speed up the allocation of rewards visually. It takes time to watch the game add gold to the reward, then glory to the reward, THEN souls to the reward, T H E N gems to the reward, and so on. Please for the love of god add everything to the screen all at once. After about 20 levels or so it isn’t amusing anymore.

  2. Please add the ability to ascend -=ALL=- troops that can be ascended with the click of 1 button or at the VERY LEAST, click the troop, click ascend, rather than clicking the right arrow 10 or 20 times, then ascend.

  3. Please add the ability to disenchant all troops of a given card all at once. I just opened 300 glory chests and earned 11 new peasants? Yup, gonna be using that card, disenchant. It may also be nice to have a disenchant all by rarity type or even disenchant ALL unleveled, untraited, cards that are not in an army currently.

  4. Please have all traits apply themselves to all units at the same time when you begin a pvp match. I don’t really want to sit there and watch my stuff trait up 1 trait at a time, then watch my enemy do the same thing. Get to the game already!

  5. Global chat is not visible when I join it, so I have no idea what has been discussed recently. I might join the conversation is I could see the last 10 lines or text or so.

These are my requests, thank you for reading them.