Please reduce the appearance rate of Valraven in Boss Raid


I don’t see how reduce valraven will help us?? Actually it will be harder to finish the event if you see less raven. Too much sigils isn’t a problem you just can ignore them but not enough force you to spend gems to get more. So it’s a big NO for me


Obviously it is implied with reducing the Ravens they would also reduce the points needed for rewards…


Since the gnome nerf im affraid to ask for changes, so be very specific with what you ask if you don’t want any surprise :slight_smile:


Monday is always the worst/longest night anyway, as this is when I purchase a few tiers (tier 2 or 3 at most) to get some of the new troops etc. So I will always have more sigils on a Monday anyway.

I personally would like no raid/invasion etc on Monday. There is no guild wars on a Monday, and it is nice to have a night off and be able to take some time opening weekly rewards, chest keys, set up weekly teams and get a bit of a boost on pvp gold and trophies.

My request would be to have no raid or invasion on Monday, and reduce requirements to close portals pro-rata.


GW takes about half hour to finish. And since they count as PvP I get seals, gold, and trophies out of it, which help to meet the regular guild requirement.

But with the raid, sometimes I could be playing for over an hour and still have sigils left. There is zero trophy, minimal gold, and pitiful seal count. When I’m done with Raid I STILL have to do PvP to try to meet the guild req.

Basically. GW is at least synchronous with guild actives, but raid is just a Time Sink and a chore.


The mode’s rewards for any given buy-in tier are based around killing a certain number of Valravens but like I said in my original feedback, the mode needs less battles total to get to the same place and then not drag it out more. I honestly don’t think they tuned the reward tables for time expenditure, just gems in and “gem value” out. I hate that this is yet another thing that is potentially divisive to guilds like we saw with Guild Wars introduction especially after all the feedback from guild wars from a bunch of people saying how much they hated how divisive it was toward guilds.

The mode is a lot more palatable if you treat it like an optional side thing. Obligation kills desire. I’m going ham with stuff like Frost Lizard and maybe even the completely terrible event weapon until I start losing more than I win. If my guild loses a reward tier because I’m not taking it seriously, oh well. The alternative is full burnout, which is worse for everyone.

That being said…

If you are a completionist and are compelled to finish this mode to the best of your ability every time and not already playing 10-20 hours per week, you’ll probably end up burning out quitting. This is why the design itself is flawed in a way that you can’t just dismiss by “lol then don’t play”. Up until this point, it is expected that you need to get nearly every single reward the game offers to be successful at the game. The reward structures of the game condition this. Thus, this brings a radical shift in the amount of time expected of an average player per week several times greater than any of the others so they can reach what they believe to be “basic completion”. Previous patches ramped up the amount of time you were to spend per week for “basic completion”, but not to this degree. (PvP revamp = 30-60 more minutes on PvP per week, guild revamp = 1-2 hours more on seals per week, events = usually done when seals are done, otherwise maybe an hour but now maybe 2 hours, guild wars = 60-90 more minutes per week, dungeons = like 30 minutes per week, raids = several hours longer than guild wars). It isn’t even remotely in line with the others on something that is supposed to be part of a week’s activity, let alone something tied to a social pressure to further condition participation regardless of the level of enjoyment. It can cause, will cause, and is causing burnout.


There’s no reason you must do raids on Monday. Unlike gw there is no penalty for waiting to do your battles. You don’t lose seals or xp. Fights can be done at your leisure.

I vote a big fat NO for reducing ravens. These modes are expensive enough, i don’t want to lose any shot at free battles i can get. If i finish my reqs and have sigils left, they’ll sit unused and i will spend my time on modes that are actually useful and fun.

I’m fairly certain most higher ranked guilds have reqs on participating in guild events, not all have score reqs, but you have to do it. Why should high level players have to downgrade because they don’t like the events? I would rather get a root canal than play raids, but i grit my teeth and get through it because i love my guild. I exceed every other req we have, i’m not about to punish myself over this. Something should be done about either tier costs or frequency of these events, the solution is not to abandon your guild.


I could just ignore raid/invasion on a Monday, but the sigils would still be there to use so effectively I would have to double up on another day to use all my sigils. If they made raid/invasion completely unavailable to all players on Monday, and then reduced requirements to close portals pro-rata, then at least it would reduce the overall time spent per week playing these game modes.


I also asked to reduce the requirement to close the portals as well. The reason behind requesting less valraven is to reduce the amount of time for this mode, not to make closing portals harder.


I bought to Tier IV, and have been playing as much as I can take per day. I think I still have 8 Sigils remaining (and the +4 I will get each day).

There is no mandate (on X1) from any Guild you must play every single Sigil the day it releases on Monday. I dont know if PC guilds are enforcing Monday thing… But I seriously doubt it.


I’d love to see everything reduced, tier costs, damage required, time required, but asking for anything seems to backfire lately. We asked to see gnomes more, i got minor traitstones from every vault key. People wanted less gw, we got this fiasco. I see scores a lot less on the lb than last time. I’m hoping the numbers will speak for themselves over time. Everything else asked for seems to bite us in the end.

Edit: Even if the damage required to close portals was reduced, i still wouldn’t support less ravens. The tier shops are ridiculous, more ravens equals less gems for tier shops.


I like the new modes and I enjoy trying to kill those darn Valravens before they kill me. I actually dreaded last week with Guild Wars coming back because I had gotten so sick of it.

If the game stayed the same all the time, it would eventually lose its appeal. There are always going to be people who hate the changes, but it is what keeps the game fresh and new.

At first, I was pretty shocked at the amount of gems it costs to do the Raids/Invasions, but as the weeks have gone on I realize that they are just making it so you have to work for them. You have to choose between whether or not you want to save up your gems for future chests, or use them for the events. Everyone is calling is a “Pay to Win” scheme, but nobody is forcing you to use your gems for the troops, and since the GOW team will eventually release the troops into chests, you really don’t have to pay to get the troops.

I do think that the new modes are especially challenging for new players (I just recently started a new account on Xbox to get some achievements), but so it goes.


I like the Raid mode and am always pleased to see a Raven for a chance to kill it for some more sigils. Thus I utterly oppose the core point if this thread.


I assume you are higher than me in Raid levels as i “only” invested in tier4 this week, and wonder how can you still find fun in the Raids when matches are basically decided by whether lucky skulls drop in for your mang’ed up hero or for the enemy troops to oneshoot your troops instead with your spells basically not mattering at all anymore other than for killing the Boss itself.


Well I don’t mind this for variety. Beats seeing the same rng frustration in pvp on whether a random cascade fills Nyx before I get my team firing. Or heaven forfend GW.

Skydrops are annoying in most game modes. It just created different tactical decisions for us here in Raids.


I guess that is a fair point, the erratic board rng is annoying in all modes… i just find the fact that my spells are useless after the Boss is dead and the right skull drop-ins are the only deciding factor of games, unbearable.


I think that we should be able to buy something like GW Sentinels for Raids, to make the battles drag less. If I could make my troops stronger and blow through the Raid battles faster - wow, I would do it. But I refuse to pay for prolonging my own misery by buying sigils.


I agree. Something needs to be done. Also, that whole “abandon your guild” thing, seems to be the norm lately. Don’t like GW? Abandon your guild! Don’t like Invasions or Raids? Abandon your guild! The problem is not our guilds, it’s the bloody game modes, especially, the two newest ones. You shouldn’t leave your guild (especially, one you’ve been in for a long time) just because a game mode has problems. That’s, basically, “treating a symptom, not the disease”, as they say. The guild is NOT the problem, the game mode(s) is/are and those are the problems that need to be looked at and treated (fixed).

I would as well. But, you’re right. That would probably blow up in our faces, somehow, some way. I can almost guarantee it, sadly.


I had this issue with the first event, because I didn’t really do many fights until late in the week. This time around, I used all my sigils on day 1 (bought first 2 tiers in shop) and I’ve been using them up as I get them since. It really doesn’t feel like there’s too many.


How long does it typically take you to do a Raid battle? I seem to blow through them super fast, winning about 85% of the time (every once in a while I get a game with just the worst gem drops ever where I don’t stand a chance haha). Out of curiosity, what team are you using?