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We need more than 10 reward portals in Raid

Mabye we need more than 10 reward portals in events. I mean its only wed :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:Screenshot_7


First of all, kudos to you and your Guild for one heck of an accomplishment!
:clap: :clap: :clap:

Secondly… to any devs that might stumble in here…

:scream: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :scream:

I think the current level is challenging and yet reasonably balanced. With 30 members at Tier 3/4 you should be able to close all 10 Portals. That’s perfect. Anything more than that would require too much. As for the swiftness of your completion. I would wager, excitement of RAID mode and players going well beyond TIER 3 have a HUGE part to play in that success. I bet, next Raid you’re not done on Wednesday. Right? :wink:


I think before Monday everyone should have to spend all of their gems or lose them all. Then we’ll all start at zero after weekly reset. 10 portals shouldn’t be an issue after that. :grinning:

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I think it’s reasonable to expect the grindiest of grinders will max out these challenges much faster than the “above-average” guilds, and those will max it out much faster than the “average” guilds. My guess is the devs expect “average” to find it really hard to max out the portals, and for it to be unachievable for everyone beneath. (Keep in mind: the average person has an above-average number of legs.) The meaning of that parenthetical is to point out that if “the average guild” struggles to max it, 50% of players aren’t getting all 10 portals.

All that said, congrats on securing a spot in history proving to be some of the grindiest of grinders! :sunglasses: It’s not a small task to do that much damage in this time period! Don’t mistake this for sarcasm, I was curious how quickly people would get here.

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What the op really said (a translation):

My guild mates and I dumped and wasted a bunch of resources in order to finish 4 days early. Not only does it make no difference how fast we finished, but we technically got less of a reward to spent ratio than someone who took their time. But hey, at least I get to make a thread and brag how L33t I am.

Is that what you meant? :joy:

For the record, and to be fair, our guild finished today as well, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make fun of myself by completely putting my shame on you. I learned that skill from my wife.


I second the Noooooooo above.

Each Portal needs a rewards increase, we don’t need increasing number of portals.


Oh dear god no!! We finished yesterday, but a few of us are still doing the daily sigils just too see how far we can get with different tiers and set reqs accordingly. It’s tedious. Raven don’t show up often, but i cringe when they do because i don’t want any more battles. It’s not fun. At least with gw we can use a lot of different teams, this has about two viable options to attack and vice versa. I hope next week’s new event is spectacular because this is a snoozefest, i basically log in to collect tribute and do a few pvp with no desire to keep going and test teams like with gw. The guys in my guild don’t seem as active either. I don’t see positive feedback in global. No disrespect to the op, but the last thing we need is more of this.


I think portal 10 should be unlimited just like tier 7 in the shop.