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Please reduce the appearance rate of Valraven in Boss Raid

Pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling this.
At least I know I’m not the only one in my guild complaining about it.
It can get very frustrating that, after over half an hour of boss raid, you end up at about the same amount of Raid Sigils as you started.

OMFG THIS MODE DOES NOT END!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I think the only people who would be against this are those who actually want to finish all the portals.
But really, this can be re-balanced by dropping the portal damage requirement at the same time.


Yup, it’s basically a job. I mean, I try my best to kill every enemy, but secretly I cheer every time a Valraven escapes. It makes absolutely no sense that the devs introduced new modes because people found GW stressful and a chore and those new modes take like four times as long as GW and are even more stressful and a chore. :confused:


You can still just not use the sigils, that’s what I’m doing.
I do a few every day but not aiming at leaderboards whatsoever.


or you could just stop doing raid when you can’t take it anymore.


Hard to do when there’s guild requirements. :confused: If they wouldn’t exist, I wouldn’t touch raid and invasion at all.

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Join a guild that doesn’t have them as requirements?


Just don’t:

  • Kill the Valravens. (Let them flee.)
  • Use all your sigils. (Your guild don’t have access to your amount of Sigils and if you can measure your scores right you can certainly meet the requirements and leave at that.)
  • Play Raid. (It’s a gamemode with optional participation, if your guild have high requirements/expectations about it then you should weight the pros and cons of staying in this guid.)

This could be done, but i think it would also reduce the (already small) rewards.

If a guild can manage their efforts, then it’s quite easy to close up to Portal 6 ~ 8. That is, if you and your guildies can agree on a reasonable score for each one based on what portal is the goal until a certain point of the week.

If only a few players pull more weight then things are not being fair to everyone involved.


Am I the only one that likes killing them for more sigils? It costs a lot of gems the way it is to play, why not keep giving the ones that like it a few free turns. You don’t have to play them


The Valravens are important for people who do like to play raid bosses/invasions. It’s not a good idea to take them away because the people who do not like the modes don’t like them. It’s better to teach those people they can pretend the modes aren’t there.


This mode already costs too much gems to try and complete all portals. Please do not take away our only means of getting free sigils, otherwise it’s going to cost us more gems to try and close all portals. But I do agree that this mode just seems to take far to long, the more you play the more health/amour the enemies have, and I almost find myself wishing that I had no more sigils left. I know, I know, why play a game mode that I don’t enjoy, but as others have said I’m also part of a high level guild and we do close all portals, so all guild members have to fairly pull their weight.


At least Raid unlike GW can be done anytime during the week.
And Goblins. There are no Goblins in Raids!


Don’t speak too soon. Maybe Toxic Zuul’goth has all henchgoblins… :scream:


You’ve got to be a troll. Please leave the sigils and Valravens alone.


Yeah, that’s exactly the problem. The thing is: If, like in bounty, I could pick the level I want to play, I would be far more willing to do so. I am far more willing to spend 20 minutes doing 8 battles than 20 minutes doing one and then being so annoyed that I stop (especially since I know the next one would be even worse… if I win, that is. Losing after 20 minutes is not fun).


How about less of this mode* altogether?

*“This mode” = Raid, Invasion, and Bounty. They are the same mode, lazily copied and pasted with minimal reskinning. It’s a boring mode, not worthy of a single “event” tied to it, let alone three.


At least at some point the enemies have so much health that you can’t kill the Valraven anymore before he casts and then 30% rng can relieve you from the pesky duty of having to fight another two of those battles… 'cause rng in rng is a great mechanic for deciding your overall performance in this Event!!!

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They can keep the current method for Raid (and even Invasion) to a point, if they would just buff the rewards per battle. I’m sorry, but when it takes 20 mins to finish one battle, I should be getting more rewards than an Explore battle that take me 30 seconds. That’s more my issue.

Yes, length is a problem. It takes away from getting stone (Explore) or gold and trophies (PvP). So, the per battle rewards should reflect that. Either that, or do what you said, let us pick the level so I can do more battles in the same amount of time.

But, even in that situation, I would feel like I’m being punished (less boss damage for the portals) because I don’t want to spend 20 minutes each battle for crap rewards. I shouldn’t have to feel like that.

Something needs to be about these new game modes, because, the way they are now, is, underwhelming, at best.


Guys, for real. Your life is better if you learn to let go of things that bind you.

The rewards for minimal participation are nice. But they’re only worth at or more than “a week of effort” if you luck out and get an Orb of Ascension. This assumes “a casual guild” reaching portals 5-7, which seems reasonable seeing as my casual guild has only 8 participants and that’s where we get. 90% of our score is 2 members who fight hard to get far.

So you don’t lose much if you just abstain. If you’re in a guild that forces you to participate, well, there’s a cost to being in guilds that aren’t casual and maybe you need to find a new one.

I get that the mode is frustrating. I don’t like it either. But I also don’t have to play all of my sigils before I do anything else, or even all in the same day. My life is better now that I spread out my event participation. Don’t make it not fun for yourself. If you can’t find a way to make it fun, stop doing it.

“I don’t like it” doesn’t work on the devs. The leaderboards show us there are plenty of people who like it so much they spend money. What may work on the devs is observing overall low participation by anyone BUT those spenders. It will especially work if they can observe a shift in spending patterns that indicates these events have discouraged the average player from spending as much. My hunch is these modes are meant to produce stable revenue so they can work on things that aren’t resource sinks. This is based on a mental image that the publisher is demanding more revenue.

Until they solve that problem, everything will be a cashgrab. So if we have to have some modes that offer mediocre rewards to people with more money than sense, so be it.


There is no forced interface, you can launch PvP, Explore, or Treasure Hunt, etc. even if you still have unused sigils remaining in your inventory. :sunglasses:


Don’t forget that newbies might not have that luxury. A newbie with troops not at level 20 and ascended to mythic will have issues dealing much damage to a high-leveled boss because simple skull attacks from the enemy troops will quickly murder their team. Basically, right now you ascend until you lose. But when the point comes where you, say, only win a battle with 50% chance, it might be easier for someone to do some 100% wins at a lower level and get more out of it, damage-wise.

Let’s say a newbie has Mang and can get the armor off of the boss, but dies before inflicting much life damage because the enemies are too strong. The same newbie might, 50 boss-levels lower, win the battle easily and the total of armor+life-damage might be higher for them than the only-armor damage done on the level where they cannot win anymore.