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Anyone find a Valraven?

I did some of the daily Raids and used up most of my sigils. I found the Valraven 3 times during the raids, each time dropping 2 sigils.

Has anyone found the Valraven external to raids? Have spent 90 minutes and currently 0 outside of raids. Just want to check if someone can confirm they are external to raids.

Myself and the rest of the members of my guild cannot even open up the raid menu, much less get any valravens. On a side note, you should’ve streamed your gameplay tacet. I’d like to see what the new mode is all about. Someone shared some screenshots. I don’t think I’ll be spending 1,850 gems in the shop anytime soon.

I will be recording some of it soon. Just a lot of stuff to go over today and wanted to test some of it prior.

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There supposed to only exist in raids?

Probably, just double checking on if that is the case.

If that is the case, 2 hours no treasure gnome. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You cannot find Valraven outside Raid Boss. Else I get also 3 Valraven.

ive been getting gnomes no vault key still i wonder if ive found the most gnomes w/o getting one lel

I summoned one in Guild Wars on Saturday…

Does that count?

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image got one fighting some minions, got 2 sigils from it

Wait, am I getting this right? You can only find Valravens (which drop sigils) in the game mode that requires sigils to play? Like is that a joke?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Patch Notes 3.3 The Valraven functions much like a Gnome, but only has a chance to appear in Raid Boss, Invasion, and Bounty events

  • If defeated, the Valraven will give extra Sigils to continue battling in that event (Sigils given will only apply to the type of given it was encountered in, and will not carry over to the next event if unused).

I am almost certain that I remember a dev saying something that alarmed me last night, but now I am struggling to find the quote.

It was essentially this: “During Raid events ONLY Valravens will spawn, no GNOMES.”

Which on the surface COULD mean that IN RAID MODE only Valravens will spawn and no Gnomes, but what it had me FEAR is what @tacet just described.

During RAID weeks, NO GNOMES… AT ALL… :fearful:

Gnomes still exist. I got one during a random PvP battle while recording.

It appears to be Valravens only in raids with Treasure Gnomes everywhere other than raids.


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Thanks @Tacet!
I was truly worried and have not had a chance to do anything other than Raid this morning! :wink:

I feel much better now! :grin:

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4 valravens today in raids and 2 gnomes in pvp.

Confirm this is what I have been seeing too.

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