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Raid Boss: Feedback and suggestions

I see we have a few complaint threads and a few suggestion threads. Why not put it all in one?

I know the devs make one for each update but nothing has been made for the raid mode and I see it’s scattered everywhere and possibly unnoticed.


Please listen to the community before it’s too late, thank you.



Increase the per battle rewards as it gets harder and longer to fight.

Trophy’s, glory, seals more gold…like ranked 3 trophy pvp but better.


Give us trophies and seals for the raid battles

  • 3 trophies per boss battle
  • extra seals (like PVP)
  • gold should scale by small amounts with boss level

The rewards should be equal or better than PVP versions since the boss fights take far more time.


A lot of good points were made here.


When buying tiers gave a yes or no option first, especially the 7th since it can be bought multiple times.


I’ll take the seals suggestion and improve it on what i believe is fair: Each Portal closed should awards 50 seals to everyone in the guild.

It’s a collective effort closing these portals, so in the very spirit of the Guild Chests becoming better with each contribution i believe it’s a fair call. Pretty much like the seals for daily victories at Guild Wars.


“Fair” would be 30. Winning all 6 GW days gives a player +300 Seals. There are ten Portals, so this would also total +300 Seals for the week.

Edit Please note these are ‘Bonus’ Seals so like a daily GW win they can go above the player base of 1,500.


It’s 9 per pvp fight, so maybe give a few more then 5 per fight, maybe 5 extra each 100 levels you get in the boss fight.


It’s to be assumed that few guilds will be able to close all portals without some investiment of gems.

To help understand my reasoning:

  • If we assume that all guilds in the same bracket have the same power and number of members, we have a balance being upset mostly for the absence of people playing in some day. So a victory is not much more than simply attendance in some cases. So if everyone plays exactly the same number of battles the victory goes to the “better” (let’s ignore lucky factors) players, and in the same vein closing the portal is a goal more attainable for the ones who plays better.

  • It’s totally possible to have a great score near or a little above the 9k without using a single gem for your Sentinels. But to be able to close more portals some people need sigils that are mostly tied to purchases and some luck with the Valravens. So playing more requires more investiment, and i think it’s reasonable that said investiment is better rewarded. Seals have a propper spirit for a collective effort as each portal closed is a victory for the guild, so the ammount should be the same i think.

  • If a guild closes six Portals at least they are receiving seals as if they won all days in GW, some veteran, more profitable, guilds can probably do better i know, but i think it’s also fair if they also have more rewards for that. And seals are just ok, because if a player decides to play raids mostly he wouldn’t fall back on his “seal duties” with his guild if the said guild requires less seals and he wouldn’t fall back too further if the guild requires all 1500 seals as long as they close the portals. By the end of the tenth portal, it would be only 500 seals, one third of the max. Even if those 500 are added into his stash, after getting his original 1500 it wouldn’t be something broken, it’s almost two Orbs of Clans. And honestly even the orbs would be more useful for anyone aiming to craft Zuul’ Goth eventually.


Wow thats Lots to read on mobile… I referring to Bonus Seals. only.
This would most certainly NOT preclude buffing the Portals themselves! Some of them give LESS than a single PvP battle.
Keep in mind Seals gained this way would be above and beyond the cap. That’s a nice reward!
Gems spent should be partially offset with gems received like GW, not some nebulous or dubious ‘Gem Value’ or Seals.


What if they gave a few seals out with the tier packs we buy? Maybe 300 with pack 7.


Other than more reward per winning battle/closed portal, I would like Raid to have some kind of daily goal/reward as well.

For Guild war, there are 50 seals and 100% bonus exp for winning daily. For seals, Raid exchange that for “Orb of Clan” which give 300 seals and uncraftable, so it’s fair enough. But for Exp, there is nothing to replace that. Right now that bonus is listed as “Spacial Event Bonus”, so I don’t want to see it limited to just GW.


Sorry for the (Peng)long post. But at this point, i’m not sure if this falls in the best interests of the devs or the publisher. I think they are constantly reevaluating the economy, and we are more likely to see the gems as rewards being substituted by some other resources with specific uses. And i have my suspicions that more changes are coming towards the seals in general.

Previous updates hinted at this, and 3.3 is being subtle at this matter just like a troll dancing on a tin roof is silent.


Hey, last week we created a feedback thread for the 3.3 update here:

However, we are also collecting your feedback from other threads as well.


It just seems like so much goes on in here that a lot could go unnoticed. Thanks though.

I still think this thread can be helpful for raids only.


the lack of seals and underwhelming rewards for the time sink needs to be fixed. I usually have 1500 seals by now but I only have 500 and I’ve spent more time and gems than any week ever. It’s frankly not worth the time.


Here is my best suggestion:


Portal rewards should give seals (or an extra orb of clans and orb of wisdom to fill out the tables and make their total value less… entirely decided by RNG.) But the battle rewards themselves need to be significantly buffed. >99.7% of the playerbase won’t be on the leaderboard. For the rest of the playerbase, the only reason to complete more raid battles is to close more portals or just for the fun of it. If you aren’t close enough to another portal for your damage contribution to matter in this regard, this is the most egregious timesink in all of Gems of War, beating out Treasure Hunt by an order of magnitude - a few hours spent and you’ll only have a few hundred gold, a few dozen souls, and a handful of traitstones. For the people that are enjoying it all the way through because they enjoy the mechanics and challenge, but don’t have the raw gems to get on the leaderboard, they shouldn’t be steered away from it because they are essentially dumping several hours of time when they have other guild requirements to keep up. The raid fights themselves need to give sizable amounts of base resources (say, gold, souls, and glory) as well as some seals and possibly trophies.


Well said.
To put it in a more blunt and brief context:

You said Raid mode was specifically to encourage inter guild cooperation. You know Guilds have reqs. Help us to meet our reqs while playing YOUR specially designed Guild Modes.