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3.3 killing the players again

I just wanted to give all the new neat stuff and chance this morning then i came to realize something really quick. We the players got screwed out of gem yet again. Not only do you have to spend a CRAP LOAD! of gems just to be able to get any where with raids but you now also have taken weekly Guild Wars away from us (not necessarily bad) but gave us no means of making real gems for 3 out of 4 parts of the month. Here just a few months back you took all the gems you get from Legendary task basically down to nothing. I just think it pretty sorry that if you want gems now you either dont ever use them or you spend real money to buy them and you would be paying more for this game than a game that spent millions to develop. So yes Thank you again for covering up your greed with fancy things that glitter and shine.


Good thing we have gnomes to make a little bit of those gems up…oh wait they got nerfed before a lot of people saw any. They sure would’ve broken this economy lmao


Yep they love to hide their greed and when they see how their tax rate not high enough they bring it up some more.

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While I understand the frustration, I don’t 100% know if these forums are the best place to vent this. Not only is it a downer, but I don’t know if it will be heard by the people you would need to hear it.

As far as I’m aware, the developers (the people who visit these forums) do not set things like shop prices, and are most likely not the ones that are pushing what the prices to be paid for things such as raid mode are… that’s the publishers.

The developers, (for the most part) just build the game, make sure things are as balanced play-wise as they can be, make sure there aren’t any game-breaking bugs, etc…

It’s the Publisher than dictates the more “business-oriented” side of things, dictating prices and what things cost / how much must be paid (I’m sure they interact with developers to make sure something is “achievable”, but I still think it’s the Publisher at the end of the day that sets the price).

As far as I’m aware, unless it’s in secret, no one from the Publishing team visits, or at least frequents, these forums.

Writing formal complaints and sending them directly to the publisher, with things involving pricing and “inequality” within the pricing area of the game, would probably be the best way to see action (if any were to be taken).

Just my .02 cents though. I could be wrong.


All of this just came out and @Sirrian said he’ll be watching everything closely, so all we can do is to give our best feedback and hope that they will listen, the have done so in the past and I believe they will again.

Let’s just give it time and enjoy the new game modes and maybe with the right constructive criticism we can meet in the middle where the devs and players can all be happy with the final product.


My first thought would be give a little bit better rewards per battle won. The higher you go, the xp is pretty low even though it is like a warlord 4 fight.

2nd.pvp gives more seals, why not raid fights, especially once they get higher. It takes way longer to complete.

3rd. is lower the gem cost of tiers.

4th. would be to have a yes or no indicator when buying tiers in case you click it by accident. The 7th one stays there and can be bought multiple times, I have to pass it consistently.

  1. Per battle rewards should increase with damage done to boss. Fighting a ten minute battle and dealing 500 damage to get a handful of nothing helps no one out and is very discouraging,

High level raid fight

1 trophy pvp

@Sirrian please help us out before everyone walks away.


I’m not this mad about it, or even really mad.

The 500 gem price tag hurts this week, mostly because if you weren’t paying close attention it’s a surprise. In hindsight, I should’ve connected “a new mode is releasing” with “I should save as many gems as I can”. But here’s the thing. We know another raid is coming in 3 weeks, and that one will probably want 500 gems too. So we can prepare. Some people are worried whatever the thing next week is might eat into that too. For right now: we’ll see.

I think a tough fact here is if you aren’t in a guild that’s at least threatening to hit its LTs every week, you aren’t going to get the fancy prizes in new competitive content. I don’t like that either, but I also know “mostly inactive guilds” have been a bane of the guild-oriented content for a long time.

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The OP’s guild took first last week on ps4 and does the most lt’s a week, on ps4, so that’s not it at all.

Emphasis on the “right constructive criticism” here. It’s very easy to vent on a forum like this, and equally easy to forget that the those you are venting to are also people too.


All I know is my mediocre non-mythic team with barely any traits is sitting at 120 on the total leaderboard tonight. I didn’t spend more gems than “someone in an 8-person guild that only gets up to level 8 of tasks each week” and I’ve had a pretty good time.

So it sort of sounds like I’d be the permanent king of the PS4 boards?

edit Ha ha I’m dumb that was “boss level 120” not “number 120” everybody laugh at me.

look i love the devs. they all are good natured people that are fun to interact with and honestly make the game and this forum that much better. but honestly if they made this update and expected people to be happy with it, they are absolutely out of touch with the game.


Seems to me they know their game and more importantly their player base just fine. There’s at least a hundred people on the raid leader board right now to prove it. And those hundred are more than the number on the forum currently complaining about it.


It’s really odd that many people got so sour because there are people spending thousands of gems to almost gain half of it back plus some orbs…


you are happy with raid, as is, instead of guild wars?

you know that the raid leader board will have 100 players on it no matter what? and that there will always be far more people playing the game than there are people that will comment on the forum?


The problem for close to end gamers who still need the last few mythics, the raid boss mode does not meet what we as players want reward wise. I think the bonus shentang troops in the sigil packs is useful, but only for new kingdoms. People want gems to try and get mythics whether it be for event keys or gem/vip keys for exclusive weeks for mythics. I don’t think the sigil packs are necessarily bad considering they are in a way better than event chests for only the kingdom troops and their are other rewards.

That said, the gem sink is an issue and most other rewards that you can “buy” with the new mythic is crazy as while I personally like him, most people think he is lame. The gem shop is also the worst price wise to the extent that other offers seem priced and “discounted” around gem pricing but all it does is annoy most players who don’t already have 5 to 6 figure gem reserves.

Perhaps there are enough new players so that there is a bit higher sales overall, I don’t know as I’m not their accountant. But I feel that more offers and packs should be focused towards the path to glory or growth pack style on upper priced options, while adding more appropriate value to small key or gem related purchases as I know the $5 daily gem deal is a good value compared to the other gem packs, but when I can get up to 50 gems or more from daily tasks and more gems from treasure hunt, why bother?

I mainly made my purchases to efficiently hit vip level 5, and only went to 6 as it only cost a little over $10 with xbox store deals. Perhaps they should offer a vip5 rush option with no rewards, just the chest access and other passive bonuses for a little under half the usual cost to be closer to a full priced game. I forget who originally mentioned it, but I think it would be interesting to try out and hopefully easier to set up than new avatar designs.

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Every time I watch one of Tacet’s videos he has like tens of thousands of gems. I think it’s great that there’s new content for players with tons of gems to spend. This is end-game content which is also accessible to new players like myself. I love it. I might make the top ranking rewards a little better. That being said, the PVP top rankings are a little shabby as well and could be updated. The only other complaint I have is that Guild War doesn’t run at the same time, but that’s understandable since it would probably put pressure on people who have limited time to play the game and guilds who want to maximize completion. Overall I give it a 9/10.

Given much of the community’s feedback, my thoughts on future content: You guys probably already have a roadmap but I think a good type of event in the future would be one that is time-gated and increasing in difficulty and gem rewards as you advance. EDIT: Obviously this release meets those criteria, but the focus seems to be more on the glory of being in the top rankings than the rewards themselves, and that’s totally cool. I just think there would also be a lot of value in an event that nets more gems than spent.


I am. As much as I like GW having just reached B3 and able to hold our own, raid is a welcomed break from it. And I’ll like GW even more after said refreshing break when it rotates back around.

Yup. And from the scores of those top 100 it’s very apparent they’ve spoken their minds by purchasing multiple tiers in the raid shop in order to compete. (And I’d even bet next to none of them used real cash)

Again, very aware of this. Might want to explain that to those who are always surprised every time the devs make a change they don’t like.

I’ve seen no signs they’re even remotely concerned about player base shrinkage or decline in revenue as the doomspeakers keep predicting. I’m still here playing. So are you it would seem.


yup im still here, and im not happy. still playing because i’ve sunk a stupid amount of time into this game. i love gems of war, this game is fun as hell. but you cannot convince me that this new game mode is being received as a good thing by the majority of player base.


They are worse, because you can get any troop, even commons and rares… While you get some random troops on event keys they are at least Ultra-Rares and better, and considering the drop rate of legendaries sometimes you’ll be unlucky and mythic every single troop from the event chests…

@Cyrup’s fault that i got so many “LongBois” :kissing_heart:
Four from event points, one from the quest and another one from a Tier purchase, all the rest came from Event Keys, 216 until i got both Legendaries.

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