A suggestion for Raid Rewards

I wrote this in another thread, but I can’t help but feel it deserves its own thread: Sorry for the cut and paste, if you read it already:

The mode is fun, I have to be fair. It breaks the monotony of every other week and I am thoroughly enjoying trouncing Zuul’Goth and closing those Portals…

However, being realistic, with a gem cost of 250 (this gets you all exclusive content @ TIER 3) and not a single gem recouped by doing well… That feels a little wrong… or… a lot wrong…

Perhaps there can be an added gem bonus for beating the Raid battles for example:

Beating all 4 Minion 1’s: 10 gems
Beating Mini Boss 1: 20 gems

This gives you 30 gems, enough for Tier 1.

Beating all 4 Minion 2: 30 gems
Beating Mini Boss 2: 40 gems

This gives you 70 gems, enough for Tier 2

Beating Raid Boss, 1st time only: 50 gems

This essentially reduces the cost of Tier 3, from 150 to 100, of course you don’t HAVE to buy Tier 3, but 100 gems for a unique weapon… seems reasonable to me. :wink:

Please discuss below!!


This is such a great idea! As it is now the rewards for raid don’t make it worth your time at all they actually suck!

Why have no trophy.

The trophies have always felt like a PVP specific reward to me, even though I know they can be earned in Arena… so I don’t “miss” them in Raid.

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To add a bit to my thinking:

  • Collecting items/content in GoW is an individual task.
  • Beating Stages 1-4 are ALL individual goals.
  • By adding the gem rewards suggested above, you permit a Free player, who plays well to recoup the expenditure of gems and give them access to new content which succinctly refutes any debate that the game is P2W.
  • Once an individual unlocks the RAID BOSS, then he/she joins the fray and contributes to the guild dmg to close the Portal, which come with their own Rewards for ALL Guild members. Which is why, there shouldn’t be additional individual rewards beyond that point.

Just clarifying my position for myself and anybody interested. :wink:


I like that our developmental members of the guild actually realize that they contribute (which they have always done) and want to get more involved. This raid has made us even more of a tight knot group. This raid boss has blurred the unspoken line between Paragon and Soldier imho. Love it. Awesome job!


I don’t know that 100 gems is reasonable for a weapon I can craft in the soulforge for cheaper.

Or how about this, The cost of tiers drops significantly if more guild members buy in to the previous tier.

For example:

tier 1 costs 30 gems regardless

tier 2 costs 70 gems, reduced by 5 gems for every 5 players that bought tier 1. If all 30 players buy tier 1, tier 2 is only 40 gems.

tier 3 costs 150 gems, reduced by 15 gems for every 5 players that buy tier 1 & 2. So tier 3 costs 75 gems if all 30 players buy tier 1 and 2.

And so on and so on.

Still not a fan of the pay to win games, but something has to be done to ease the burden and make it a team effort.


What happens to the members who bought the tier before the price drop? Do they get gems back? Do they miss out on the discount?

Yes, the tier button should reactivate saying refund xx gems, if not claimed they should come in the mail after reset.


I say no refund. The heavy hitters in the guild buy the tiers so that the lower levels can save gems to help them catch up.