Valraven Sigil Request

Not sure if anybody has already suggested this, but if they have sorry!

Valravens are a nice way to continue raking in some extra points during Raids/Invasions. However, when you get to the upper tiers, it becomes nearly impossible to kill all the minions AND the boss AND the Valraven. If you focus on the boss, the Valraven typically gets away. If you focus on the Valraven, the boss/minions kill your team, and you don’t get any sigils anyhow. Unless you end up with some super strategic turns and super lucky gem drops, it get increasingly harder to kill the boss, the Valraven and all the minions. Having to kill the Valraven AND all the minions becomes virtually impossible the higher you get, thus rendering the Valravens obsolete of their intended use.

So, here is an idea. If you kill the Valraven, the boss and all minions you get the 2 sigils (as is already happening). If you don’t kill the Valraven, no sigils (once again, already happening). BUT, if you kill the Valraven (and the boss, if desired), but then lose to the minions, you get 1 sigil.

I feel like this would add a little extra hype for the end-Raiders without giving too much of an advantage. Essentially, you would just get an extra play through, but it would add that little bit of excitement plus make Valravens still worth something.

Just a thought :slight_smile: