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Valraven not giving rewards

Do you receive sigils every time you kill a valraven Or is it just chance . On two occasions I have fought and killed a Valraven but got no sigils any one else having similar issues

Was it in raids?

Did you fight it in PVP?

Some people have found Valravens from Vault Keys and placed them in their PVP teams in an effort to be “cheeky”! :joy:

Valravens will only appear in Raid mode, and you can ID them from fake by the Treasure Bag in the top… LEFT corner I believe.

Hope that helps! :wink:


I believe that you have to kill everyone to receive the rewards

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To glue all those other correct posts together, a Valraven will only award sigils if:

  • You encounter it inside a raid boss battle.
  • It does not flee via its ability.
  • You win the match.

You can sort of verify this by looking for a giant treasure pouch icon on the Valraven’s troop card during combat. It seems the devs used this to help you figure out if you’re about to get a payday.

Since theoretical people can get Vault Keys and Valravens, you can encounter them in PvP defense teams and heck, maybe even Explore matches. In those cases they will NOT drop sigils, and the treasure pouch won’t be visible.


As far as I’ve seen, if you kill the boss, you get credited for the damage no matter what, win or lose.
However, if you kill the Valraven but lose the fight, you don’t get the two sigils.


Thanks for the heads up. I looking back at the raid battles I lost both but killed the Valraven. As they say it’s all new.

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