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How about a BAG symbol in Invasions?

At the stage with four towers there is no way to determine if that battle could give 2 sigils.
This could be a solution

Basic Paint example incoming


I am not too sure about this one - I can see why this would be useful, but it might also confuse a few players to now change this to show a bag when it didn’t previously, when for example they kill a tower but don’t win the battle and wonder why they don’t get Sigils. Also, the Sigils are shown at the end in post-battle Rewards.

What benefit would you have for knowing that a tower gave Sigils, considering you will get them if you win the battle anyway?

You don’t care as much if you see that there is no Valraven. At the start of the battle if I see the raven that automatically changes my priority in the battle and I have to kill him first, and focus more to win the battle. If you don’t kill him in time you lose at least 2 battles, so it’s a must to focus on in modes that give you only 4 battles a day. And every other Sigil based game mode have them visible


When I do raids and invasions on my second account after a while I really struggle due to the lack of 5* kingdoms and decent troops so I don’t even try to win battles I just get to the point where I can kill 3 towers quickly while letting the first one skull me and cast but if I knew I was getting sigils for winning I would actually try to win.

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Valraven in Raid/Bounty/Class and Pre-stage-8 Invasion also work the same way; you get the sigils from it only if you win the battle. So everytime Valraven show up, the match’s dynamic have to change to get rid of Valraven first before it fly away, then try your best to win the battle later. Winning without killing Valraven result in no sigils gain.

Stage 8 of Invasion is the only time players have no idea when sigils will be rewarded. You just have to try to win all the battles to maximize your chance. So all levels feel the same, just trying to win with no shifting dynamic, and when you lose, it always feel like you’re losing potential sigils, even though you might not getting it for winning anyway.

So while having Bag icon on the Towers might be confusing at first, it will greatly benefit the players for maximizing sigils gain. An alternative that I suggested a while back is to introducing new type of Tower that will always drop Sigils/Valraven, like Bell Tower.