Please reduce the appearance rate of Valraven in Boss Raid


Right now I use Mang/Freya/Mab/Skadi. If you know of a faster team I would be grateful :slight_smile:


No, you have a pretty great team there. I unfortunately do not have Skadi yet, so I am going Mang/Freya/Mab/Snow Guardian. I must just be getting super lucky with the gem drops this week!

However, one of my teammates did use Mang/Tassarion/Freya/Skadi for the first time today, and said he won all his battles. He uses Tassarion to feed Skadi, then Skadi moves the boss to the front spot and Mang takes him out.


I used Tassarion/Freya/Mab/Black Manacles when battles where a bit easier and used Tassarion to create purple gems to finish very fast. Too bad the enemies got too hard to keep doing it that way :weary:.


Your guild leader can impose requirements, but he can’t tell if your ravens escaped!

Personally I enjoy the challenge. And at Boss Level 200, the fights are pretty short, whichever way they go…


One thing I noticed was that there was a lot more enthusiasm for GW in my guild last week. It’s definitely good not to have it every week. Though perhaps it should be every second week, as I have suggested before.


I don’t have Skadi, unfortunately. I’m using Mang (with Hunter), Winter Knight, Freya and Mab.


Does the complaint of too many sigils suggest that this mode is boring for players?


Keep it as is, we have enough other issuses to worry about.


Silly selfish request. Leave it as is.


Just because you get more sigils does not mean you have to use them. There is absolutely no reason to cut back on valraven spawn rate. You can choose to use sigils or not to use sigils. This is just a really stupid request in my opinion.


Even high ranked guilds shouldn’t have a points requirement in raids, the rewards are not worth wasting your time.


Not using the sigils would look unfair towards those in the guild who are trying to get rewards or who are commited to the raid :expressionless:


I’m in a top 50 guild and we don’t have raid or invasion reqs, some people go nuts and basically do all the work. On the other hand, I donate more gold and trophies than most so it doesn’t really matter. The last few rewards aren’t worth all the time and effort anyway, I’m better off PVP’ing to get some extra gold to donate.