Please do something about leecher - guilds reward -

I assumed that few will appreciate the whole concept of this technique, 1 full rewards can be set already from the second rank, but a beginner will receive a small part until he shows himself this will be a trial period, if he is active then next week he will receive the second rank and will receive all 100 % reward

well, any system, no matter what we come up with here or there are developers who are dissatisfied, my system is smoother and indeed limits the rewards for freeloaders until they show themselves, your binding to gold will not give anything, as I already explained above that there are 1k levels that are not a problem to make lam and just sit there is nothing to do and get buns

our task is to give a topic for reflection to the developers and convey that something needs to be changed in the guild system, much more precisely, add more features for the GM

This I like, very much.

I was just trying to also come up with something that might be simple to do.

There will always be flaws in any system.

For example if you block a player from getting anything for the first week, what prevents them from free loading the 2nd or 3rd week?

If it was feasible, a percentage would be good. Donate 10% of what is set as minimum, get 10% of the rewards. But that wouldn’t work in many instances.

Ideally, a guild minimum would be set so that everyone will be able to donate the amount set, right?

Maybe there could be a tool for the gm to release rewards to a player who is usually reliable but not this week because of whatever reason. Vacation, maybe.

Just bouncing some ideas. Not saying mine is best or anything. :wink:

A other way to do that is to gave all rewards at the end of the week.

It let time to players to contribute and leecher with 0 gold spent are going to get nothing.

But I know that almost all players want the reward asap.

Btw thanks all for contributing to this post, maybe with ours effort something can happen !

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Sorry, but another bad idea. When you are on a vacation, or for whatever reason you can’t be as active as usual, you don’t want to worry about a game. I tried to use a hard system, without success!
So nowadays if some of my player needs 2 weeks off, they just have to ask me and they are off the hook, no requirements for them.

The problem with this is the following scenario. Lets say end of the week, last reward stage is not complete, your new member joins, use all their sigil you get the reward, everybody happy except the new member who can’t reach the weekly limit cause they don’t have enough sigils. So they helped but can’t get the rewards for that stage, looks unfair!

For events, how about the rewards go to the guild. Then %s handed according, if one player gets 25% of the guilds score, they deserve the lions share.

Or every event should be like tower, you have to do battles before you get potal bonuses

Did you even understand what I was writing?

If 0 contribution would mean 0 rewards, what would be bad about a GM tool allowing for 0 contribution but 100% reward in case of vacation?

It would basically do what you said in case there were limitations to rewards for people not contributing.

GM tool to release reward in that case - of course you’d need a fair GM for that but there is no single 100% fair and foolproof system.

Not sure if you understand what I mean by now.

Example: minimum for rewards 5000 points

X doesn’t get 5000 points.

GM can select X is exempt from minimum for this week

Problem with all that would be delayed rewards which people probably wouldn’t like.

You can set a gold minimum of 1M for example and people paying on Monday would get their rewards right away. But event minimums couldn’t work that way, that’s why I was only making a suggestion for gold donations.


Ok I misunderstood this one. Unnecessary complication IMHO.

It’s all going to be more complicated than what we have now. :sweat_smile:

The idea was to be fair and to prevent leeching.

Just not giving rewards for a week for example would only make the leeching cycles longer.

Not saying my idea is the best or anything. I’m sure there would be other solutions. And somewhere there’s probably someone with an excellent solution.

What I’m not sure about is that anything will be done at all. We can’t even get an extra slot for medals or other small things so I’m super doubtful about anti leeching measures…

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and yet you complicate everything, everyone’s ideas are of course interesting, but you need to understand that they should be simple and understandable for everyone, for me restrictions on gold are not an option, but control using the slider to ranks is already an option, and indeed restrictions Tied to ranks the output is large

Free to play games are open to everyone including leechers. Some guilds intentionally adopt new players to encourage new players to play though the GM is aware that these newbies may go once they are ready. If the request is implemented then some guilds who does not require anything from a newbie may stop.

Another issue is the exemption when a player is sick or on a holiday with permission.

I’m the GM of a guild on switch.
The way our system works is I will promote players out of the bottom rank for consistent contributions, and place them back there if they miss a week with no communication.
(We allow up to 2 weeks if asked, but good reasons only)
If you are at bottom rank with no contribution, I consider you a leech.
Leeches are kicked right before monday reset.

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Yes, please just kick these leeches. We need to support new players to continue supporting this game in $$$ or this game will crash.

The newbies support the oldies is $$$. The oldies support the newbies with game resources.

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The ranking tool could be used to make something like I proposed work. There are already different things ranks can do so that would be a good tool to use.

Just because you don’t understand what I’m proposing doesn’t mean no one does. :sweat_smile:

Guild leaders can already set minimums and must know how they work to do that.

Same for ranks and many other things.

Guild leaders have to have a little more knowledge about guilds than the standard player. That’s what we have help articles for, and other players to help.

It wouldn’t be any more complicated than what’s already there.

FWIW, I’m a GM of a very casual guild and have no idea how the minimums work. Are they purely cosmetic? how do I see if minimums are met or not? is there any automated actions if minimums aren’t met? have not found any useful help articles on this but maybe I’m just not searching the right keywords.

The guild minimums you set are not anything but cosmetic and when you look in the guild tab under the roster the weekly numbers are shown in red if they are under the minimum requirements. GMs have to enforce them no action is taken on their own.