Guild updates delayed?

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I know guilds aren’t seen as a direct profit center, but they are/mine is the only reason I’m still playing, and thus putting money into the game.

The laughably limited guild features have been a constant source of disappointment and frustration since I started playing on 1.0.2. I and I think everyone else seriously appreciated the addition of guild chat, but it says a lot about how limited guilds are that getting basic communication capabilities is a noteworthy feature addition.

Less development time spent on stalling players. More love for the only ingame feature that creates an environment of community and competition, please.


I agree, guilds should be a priority at this point. The whole guild system is a complete joke

Sorry, but I hope they’ll never become one. This is a casual solo game first and foremost. The guild system as it is already gives great bonuses to players who chose to be in a guild at all (myself included). I don’t ever want this game to come to a point where most players feel they have to be in one of the few “top” guilds and grind PVP nonstop, with such fun concepts in mind as “you need to be able to win most fights in under a minute, for efficiency” and “donate __% of your hard-earned gold to advance whichever task the leader demands of you, or get fired”.

Those few über active guilds already give ridiculously huge advantages to those who mass up in them, compared to what single players or even players in more laid-back guilds can ever hope to amass (hundreds of free gems a week…). Trophy exploits aside (and perhaps other similar abuse we have yet to uncover), they don’t need to be given even more power anytime soon, and certainly not as a priority.

The development priority should (and appears to be, thankfully) on features that benefit ALL players. Not just the few dozens who like to add a boss, colleagues and office rivalry to their gaming experience.

I understand many of the forum regulars are in those few guilds, and they’re certainly very vocal. I’m not interested in starting a flame war with them, here. However, I think it’s important that players who aren’t in this specific club with this specific mindset also be heard on this matter.

That being said, I’m not sure what guild updates you expect or demand, in this case. If it’s simply interface upgrades as the chat you mentioned, I’m all for it. If it’s more and bigger rewards for the 1% most active guilds, and more and bigger incentives for everyone to join them, as I suspect from various previous guild-related threads, it’s another story.


My main concern regarding guilds is communication and tools to better manage it (I’m a guildmaster myself), not rewards

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Just hitting like on your response isn’t good enough. I share those feelings.

I hated the life suck that MPQ had with needing a whole guild to run super hardcore to achieve even decent rewards.

What I would like to see improved with guilds, is a bit more guidance for new or more casual players to see how even small consistent contributions help all the players in the guild more than hoarding the gold to themselves.


Absolutely agree with that sentiment.

I do also agree though that Guilds need serious work - not because it will necessarily excite me, but because I’m led to believe that it will be good for retention and money coming into the game.

So I’d like both please…


Not sure what’s the problem here.

Guild improvements are already scheduled for the update after the one they’re currently working on (I assume 2.0 to be part of the same update that was just delayed some). What you expect the devs to do, put aside everything they were working on until now (and almost done, too), and instead start working on what you consider more important?

Guild update was first planed for 1.0.9 (that’s what devs said), from then it was moved to update after 1.0.9 and the most recent post said it’s moved to 2.0.1, so 3 updates from now (if they don’t move it again). Say what you want everyone, guilds are a big reason many of players are still playing this game, and guild were the reason of major success of many other games (that wouldn’t be half as decent without awesome guild features implemented, clash of clans for example). Current grinding for trophies system should be changed, limited guild chat should be changed, guild should be main source of fun, not - let’s grind for trophies and donate gold to complete reapeating guild take. I mean I like guild tasks, but I’d like more versatility in them. Add more interactions with other guilds, blind trophies gathering to reach better place on leaderbord doesn’t really has much point (except it’s cool to be top ranked as in any other game). It’s a part of game that could have so much interesting stuff, yet we only have this little. Besides Hero as a unit everything else in this game is polished and works well and supplies players with fun, but guilds arent giving fun. .

I don’t remember them ever saying that. Could you find a reference?

It was not moved to anything, they just split 1.0.9 in two (because someone was having a baby, or such), and the second part was named 2.0 instead of 1.0.9b. That shouldn’t make the guild update come any later, just 1.0.9 coming earlier. At least that what I remember the devs saying.

My impression is that 109 got split in two b/c @Nimhain was having a baby and so 109b is “2.0” (i.e., PvP changes, including fighting friends & guild mates, plus other stuff) then 2.1 is what we originally thought 2.0 would be (Guilds rework). As far as I can tell there are only two people doing the programming so I think we should probably cut them a little slack for 1/2 of the team having one of the most important events in a person’s life…

And I don’t think we know timelines. If 109 is immanent then 2.0 would be in a month or two and 2.1 would be another month or two. So June for 2.1? It’s also worth bearing in mind that PvP changes may be much less work than Guild changes. Meaning it might take 3 months just to make the guild changes, so the PvP changes are an interim update while one of them hunkers down on the Guild changes. And I’d rather have an update every 1-2 months than wait 3 months for a single update.

Perhaps we can summon @Sirrian to get clarification?

Never look at release numbers with developers. Release numbers change, even if the long term plan is still on track.

What I remember was the order of features planned was Traits->Hero-PvP&Guild. Then they were going to try and do, I think, Hero and PvP in one patch, but when one of their team members children was born, they split the Hero update and the PvP into two patches.

I prefer the regular content updates vs waiting an extra 2-3 months it would have taken to roll the PvP changes in with the Hero update.

This doesn’t really push the Guild changes back, it just changes their number. There was a huge amount of content in 1.0.8. I am betting making Heroes feel great again is another massive amount of work.

If much of the planning and work was already complete before the Hero/PvP patch got split into two, then it probably won’t be a huge delay.

They could have easily kept Guild Changes in 2.0 by calling the Hero and PvP updates 1.0.9 and 1.1.0


For what I remember, what happend was that all this changes were planned to be released at 1.0.9, but it would have take to long and thats no good for the community since, well, its been a while since 1.0.8 hit live. But not only that, I believe this changes to the game, adding new effects and such, and then changes to heroes and pvp in general on the 2.0, should be in prepartion for the expected guild changes on 2.0.1, Sirrian has already expresed that they want trophies to do more than being a bragging tool. Which as you may know, have me really excited about.

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Ummm, I’m not the one who had a baby. That would be one of our coders (@Andrew).

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Are you sure?! :wink:

Clearly I got the names wrong, but at least I had the functions right!

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I looked all over my house and there wasn’t a baby hiding anywhere.


That’s because I took him and sent him to the QA dept. We need all the extra testers we can find… :stuck_out_tongue:


And the truth comes out on who the AI is modeled after…

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“My name’s Little Cletus and I’m here to tell you a few things about child labor laws, ok? They’re silly and outdated. Why back in the 30s, children as young as five could work as they pleased; from textile factories to iron smelts. Yippee! Hurray! But today the age old right of children to work is under attack.” - Zoolander

You two would make a lovely pair. Or perhaps that’s what you already are. :grin:

Regarding the guild update though, we had ORIGINALLY planned to work on that mid-to-late last year.
Here’s what typically (and correctly) happens in agile game development…


  • Guild Update
  • PvP Rework


  • Troop Collection gets priority (moved up because it targets areas of the game not performing well enough)
  • Store & Chests get priority (moved up because it targets areas of the game not performing well enough)
  • Heroes, etc for 109 (moved up because Tech Lead is away having a baby and this is stuff I can do!)
  • PvP Rework (schedule-wise, makes more sense to do first)
  • Guild Rework (finally!)