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Ranks inside a guild

I run a guild and am looking into updating our requirements for each rank. I’m curious what other guilds do. Fellow guild masters, what do you require? Or guild members, what does your guild require, or what have you seen in other guilds?

At the moment, the only differentiation between ranks in my guild is event participation. If an event requires X points to complete, then the top rank needs to do X/30 points. The reasoning here is that if all 30 members do that, we’d get all rewards. Next rank is half that at X/60, then X/120, and bottom rank is X/240.

Anyway, just curious to see what others do so I can steal ideas from you all.

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It’s very much down to guild make up. Some guys prefer pvp, others prefer chasing Geoff’s carrot in explore. Neither of those modes benefit the guild as a whole. Personally I think “guild” event completion should be top priority with all members spending gems on an equal footing to collectively reap the rewards at minimal expense. I have left guilds because of the zeroes in such events who suddenly come alive during bounty. It’s a delicate balance. Are you a guild player or a leeching selfish player? Many are definitely the latter

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TC said it well but I’ll just throw in how we do ours since it’s a little flip of the system and I don’t recommend it for many guilds.

When a player comes to our guild they get the top rank possible for a non GM. Instead of promotions, you may get demotions for not hitting reqs or not donating properly. A player can easily get promoted back by doing reqs.

The reason we do this is because our guild is a little higher end and we want to create an environment where everyone is treated equally and pulls their own weight. The reqs are a higher (example 1100 trophy req) but there is no class war as there used to be before Epic Tasks.

I’m not saying you should use this method at all, but it just goes to show ranks are only as important as you make them. I’ve never cared at all about ranks but some do. The other way to do it is give promotions to players who double your reqs that week. It calls out those who are doing well, and motivates others to push for something more.

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Personally I don’t care about my guild rank. I just contribute as I can. I don’t wish to surpass players and rank promotion causes it’s own in camp issues. I would rather be the lowest rank in the guild and avoid the politics

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This ^. This was an issue for a longtime and I would get pestered on Mondays about who needed promotions, or if a player didn’t get one after a week or two. So I just made everyone the same lol. There, no more bickering over meaningless things!

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In our guild, it used to be:

All get top rank when joining the guild.

  • By failing with one or more category on rooster, you got demoted one rank.
    -If you were lowest rank and still got red numbers on rooster… well that probably means you’re a leecher we dont want here.
    -As for gaining promotions -> our GM usually required interested people to score more points than him in WE/Raid/Invasion/GW

But some time ago our GM made additional changes in that simple model:

  • you also get demoted if you score 0 points in WE (so at least some basic performance is required)
  • you also get demoted if you dont do your GW battles (you can have 0/5 all 6 days, but at least you’ve tried to fight anything)
  • gettin back your rank now requires outperforming all other players who are not top rank (so those previously demoted fight for promotion) -> our GM found that he might have been setting up difficulty to high…

ofc, all people who declare abscence in advance (like going abroad for 2 weeks etc.) prevents any rank changes

also our gold/seals/thropies requirements are such low, that most people have them done by Monday without much extra effort…

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I’m part of the OP’s guild and I guess the main question we have is: have you found that it’s better to kick more/faster or motivate them in some way? We are event-based so we want to reliably complete all event tiers, but have only recently finished tier 12 for the first time and never since.

So is active recruitment necessary if we want to quickly remove deadweight? And how to make early players feel that they have reqs they can feasibly accomplish? Is it ideal to increase level requirements for joining the guild?

This a very tricky question to answer. If you are part of a guild network the solution is as simple as having guilds with different play levels and requirements and moving players to fill those gaps in productivity or vice versa.

As a solo guild the best solution is to make sure whatever reqs you set, it’s something a majority of your guild are comfortable with. You can do this a lot of ways but one way is to take the average guild trophy total for a 3/4 week period and divide by 90(3 weeks), 120(4 weeks). This will give you a good average. The other way is to not include your top 2/3 trophy hunters and your couple bottom feeders in the data set. This way you weight it towards the average.

Once you set that bar, there should be rules in place for falling under that. Some guilds are quick to draw the hammer, others give a lot more leash. That is all up to each individual guild. If you are event based, make sure that is one of your requirements. Set the standards and hold players accountable. Again, each guild handles this differently, but as long as you are honest with your players and set a bar, it’s then on them to be accountable to that standard.

You can also have different thresholds for each level of player but then it starts to get confusing lol. But generally beginner players don’t start donating until all kingdoms are level 10. World event isn’t that hard that they couldn’t still contribute some.


Short reply. …keep.it simple

We have our ranks adjusted by time in the guild. We used to have it tied in with performance, but it turned into so many what if this or what of that etc. So glad we changed it . My guild is a top tier guild so we don’t have a lot of slackers to deal with so this method may not work for all . Not trying to brag just explaining why this method may not work for all guilds . Our ranks are as follows:
2nd- 2nd in commands , council members past (in good standing) and present
3rd-3 months active in guild
4th -30 days active
5th- all new recruits .

Our lowest rank is reserved for Snotling Paragons, Snotling Former Paragons, Snotling Never Paragons, and Ministers of War. Basically, if a Raider finds themself in this rank, they are either capable of being Paragon, or should make sure they are not standing on plastic or near a window.

Our Night Goblin skirmishers or Summoners might need a little help with Guild Wars and other events, but otherwise, they are worth keeping around. They might not be the best fighters, but at least they can invite others to join our cause.

Our Orc Veterans and Shamans have proven themselves in GW, but may at times need a break from the game. Any Raider capable of fighting all 30 battles during a GW deserves a little time off.

Our Ogre Mage and Sorceress Ranks are the best of the best, during GW and other less important events.

Our Warboss is the only one with permission to demote or kick, but we don’t like to do either of those things. It is usually only done to get someone’s attention, a way to say “hey, read guild chat once in a while”.

It doesn’t always work; not everyone speaks the same language. After all, we have Orcs from Skyrim, Warhammer, WoW, and LotR. We have crossed many streams, and fought many battles. Chunky’s Raiders. For the Horde.


Thanks for all the comments here! Nice to see what others do.

@ButtStallion, you bring up a good point about trophies. I actually don’t understand why any guild requires trophies as they don’t really boost the guild in any meaningful way. Seals? Yes, definitely. Trophies? Seems like an outdated thing. To my understanding, the only thing trophies provides is to increase a guild’s rank in the league which only affects daily login seals by a tiny amount.

As @blindnighto pointed out, our main issue is motivating players to do events. We kick probably 5-10 people a week for either poor world event performance, or no event participation at all. I’m trying to find ways of kicking those people sooner while still being fair.

@ChunkyMono, as always, thank you for the laughs. Your rank names are superb.


Trophies are the best activity marker we have. Regardless of whether a guild cares about them as a whole or not, they show whether a player is playing or not. Now some guilds could truly care less as long as the gold is donated, but others, like our network measure a players activity by it. It’s been a great tool and our network will continue to use it for all our guilds regardless of it’s actual in game use for a guild. I can go into this more but that’s the general jist of why we do it that way.

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there is no sense in roles and positions, they do not give any bonuses and the majority do not care about them, all this guild fuss with roles and titles is nothing more than nonsense and a screen in order to have something to do, a chip with guilds is nothing more than a dummy mmo games, unfinished and defective dummy

We do our ranks based on gold , seals , trophies . Everyone is different though . It works for us though . We have 6 guilds too .