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Rewards for Guild members

Maybe is not a question more like a request,

Please, is possible to make rewards for GM to give to his members?
I mean for example my case, I have a member who tomorrow reach a year in the guild and I can´t give him any present for fidelity. I mean some special for this cases.

Of course is also not necessary that GM give them, they could be automatic when a member reach a year for example.

Cheers in advance


A similar idea has been suggested where players can gift other players. Unfortunately due to the risks involved in enabling this (selling Gems of War content between players) we can’t allow this function. We are considering allowing users to purchase packs/store items for other users in the future though. :sun_with_face:


Is there any way around that? I’ve felt the same way that it would be cool to give nominal prizes (a key, a gem, 10 glory, etc) to incentivize guild members or reward the for hitting goals or winning internal guild contests.

Or better yet have several preset contests programmed into the guild system so a GL can choose which contest will be focused on that week (most trophies, most gold, first to hit 1500 seals, most PvP battles, etc). Then the system automatically rewards the winner so it’s taken completely out of the hands of the GL so they can’t be bribed or play favorites. Even make a minimum # of guild members before a guild can have access to it or each member has to enroll in the contest each week & need a min # of participants.


I gave my guild there Christmas present early today… Guild Keys.
If you want to reward your member then that’s presently the best way to do it.


We’re not talking about giving gifts or presents and not to the whole guild. The suggestions are about rewarding individuals for their things that further the guild or for participation in guild contests. Buying guild keys accomplishes none of this.

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yes we are talking about something like:

  • A member who reach 50k seals in guild
  • A member who stay for a year
  • A member who get 50k Trophies
  • A member who donate 50k gold

and things like that…

Gems needs to adopt the same model as Warframe and other games where you can buy anything in the “store” and gift it to anyone. You buy it and it goes to them via mail why this isn’t a feature in every FTP game ever (including GoW) is beyond me :unamused: every game that doesn’t do this loses easy money it would otherwise have gotten. I would spend hundreds a year on this feature as it is now I have to use Paypal to gift money to my members and than I have no idea if they are spending it “in game” or buying something else with the "gift

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So you’re basically paying your players? I think that’s a “no, no”.

i will join your guild my salary 10cents per trophy k? :sunglasses:

I don’t know if you have gold by week requirement, but one option that you have is to give him a one-week “keep your golds for yourself (ie gold chests)”… It’s crap but it’s only thing that I find…

Another issue with the rewards from GM is that some players can say “give it to me or I leave”…

It could be very nice that guild members can be rewarded for their fidelity to their guild. And I don’t think their is any issue with this option.

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I’m not paying anyone not sure where you get that. Random draw type rewards have been used by other guilds long before I started doing it. I just copied their great idea. Trust me no one in my guild is quitting their day job to “work” playing GoW lol. Also if I was rich and crazy and wanted to pay everyone to play the game I don’t think it would be against the ToC although I don’t much care as it’s not going to happen anyway. Gifting a sub in the same way that you can gift a character or weapon in Warframe is a far cry from paying someone to play but we can agree to disagree if you think so.