Guild rewards features

It would be awesome if guilds had the ability to reward individual members for internal contests or goal completion. Right now guilds can set goals or have internal contests but there really isn’t any way to reward winners. If a GM could award tiny prizes, say 1-3 per week at their discretion?

The contests/goals don’t have to be coded so the GM can award them as they see fit and make the contests anything from who generates the most trophies to who told the funniest joke in chat - whatever the guild would find fun.

The prizes should be nominal like 20 glory, 50 seals, 2 gems, 1 key, 100 xp, etc. Nothing that’s abusable but is at least tangible. And perhaps restrictions on minimum number of guild members to be able to use the function or the GM can’t award them to themselves might be necessary.

Just a thought to liven things up and help guilds create better commoradery and bonding experiences and to pass time during tough GW weeks or difficult weekly events.