Weely Reqs for events

The addition of Weekly reqs highlighted in the guild menu for Gold/Trophies/Seals has been a spectacular addition to Guild QOL for guild leaders!

Now to take it one step further, it would be fantastic to have the exact same method for Raid Boss Dmg, Invasion Towers, and Dooms.

ToD Boons is optional for me but if you are doing dooms, might as well do boons as well. for GWs this is not necessary and i dont think there is a clear or good way to show reqs with the current interface. However it would be “nice to have” if we had something for # of battles or score here as well.


+1, the game is built around guilds, GMs need some more love!

Great suggestion @HugeOgre

Not a good idea, better served by a guild message in chat. Our guild minimums (#1 xbox) change based on players chasing the leaderboard, so it goes down once we get all rewards. And the devs have a 1001 more important things to fix.