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Update Suggestion for Guilds

  • Allow Reqs tracking for events
  • Allow Reqs to differ per rank (not level)
  • Allow guild customization to be set per person rather than by rank
  • If a person doesn’t meet Reqs, they don’t get rewards
  • Auto seal deposits
  • Only top guilds complete event. Reduce amount to complete event based on guild teams levels, and have legendary event tasks for incentive for top guilds
  • Maybe allow 40 per guild, but only top 30 matter for guild events. That way you can afford a couple of zombies while they have life going on

Please please please. I hate that the only punishment to give for inactivity is to kick. Just don’t let them collect the rewards and incentivize participation.


Good luck. I have been asking for two years for them to create a guild member rank that is incapable of collecting rewards. That would help keep the leeches out and aid you in dealing with those existing members that might be becoming leeches. My view has always been that if you don’t want to help the guild, you should not benefit from the guild.


Not everyone plays daily. Don’t punish not playing daily. Incentivize playing daily. But guilds could/should be a healthy mixture. Don’t punish guilds for trying to develop new players.

Players of all levels should be able to complete guild events, both individually and as a guild. The higher level your guild, the better the rewards. The higher your player level the better your rewards.

Well now I’m just babbling… I thought I was saying what everyone else was thinking, but I guess not, cause there’s not a lot of comments.

I figured It should be mutually beneficial. Better guild management tools, more incentive for players to play. More playing is better for the game company. Is there a counterpoint other than “working on other things” that I’m not seeing?

@Kafka, I continue to desire this daily. I really don’t think it would be a difficult update. Is there any reason this won’t happen? (Or is already pending update?). I think it can benefit a lot of guilds, without actually harming any.


Because Kafka would have to deal with all the people making bug reports about not getting their guild loot, or complaints about that their guild master is a douche for taking their stuff.

@UKresistanceis correct, they would see a large influx of tickets about not getting their guild rewards

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So no one gets those rewards.
There should be sufficient incentive already. As in if you don’t make Requirements at the end of the week, you don’t get to be in your guild after it.
If that’s not enough of incentive then the withholding/wasting of rewards won’t matter either.

Also devs rarely comment on feature requests. They either implement them or they don’t.
Basically it’s the GoW equivalent of prayer. :pray:


Allowing reqs to be added for guild events is a good suggestion. Most guilds seem to have something posted about it in their description already. Different reqs for different ranks is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how relevant to most guilds.

I think probably the most meaningful thing that could be done to help guild leaders would be to allow them to see the final results (gold, seals, trophies, and any guild event totals) from the past week after it was over. That would eliminate the need for the ‘last minute on Sunday’ log-in to check for final progress or miss it problem. Kind of a guild progress report of sorts. It would probably be interesting for a lot of the players to look at.


Exactly! Why isn’t there simply a “how you did last week” table?

Also, tracking each event’s progress like they do for gold, seals, and trophy’s. Also with a last time, and running totals.

I get some of my suggestions are unique ideas no one cares about, but some are just common sense, easy to update, and wildly popular!

But, maybe I only think they are. I would think they would have already been updated if they were as popular as I think they’d be. That’s why the Kafka link. I was just looking for a simple, “you’re not alone”, or “leave it alone, it’s only you.”

Even if it is only me, I make the claim that if the guild req system was more structured, you’d get more playing out of people, as the expectations are clear. That’s a notion the Devs could get behind. I like the update they did for reqs already, they just need to finish the job is all.