Guild Wars improvements when?

So guild wars has been out for a while, and I think there’s been enough of a response by now that the dev’s have to have taken notice that a lot of people have problems with it. I do think there’s a lot of potential with this idea, though. Have the dev’s responded at all to suggest what they may do with it? I have a few tweaks in mind myself:

  • The rewards aren’t interesting. The worst part about getting all stressed out about my guild depending on me to get wins is knowing that it isn’t worth it. At least change the daily win bonus from double xp to double gold (since that helps with guild tasks)
  • Losing even once is too big a deal. Because you only get 5 chances and because each enemy MUST be won against in order, that means one loss means you ALWAYS lose your biggest fight. Personally, I think every fight should be worth the same amount of points. Maybe give something other than points for winning all 5? Which is my next point…
  • There isn’t any motivation for an individual to participate. People are selfish. While a person like me gets very worked up knowing their guild depends on them, others simply see that there isn’t personal reward and ignore it. If there was some kind of cool reward just for participating (perhaps one that scales based on wins) I think that would really motivate some people to at least try more. A lot of my guild’s daily losses simply come from the fact that only like half the guild is participating.
  • This new feature is really shining a light on game balance and encouraging a boring/annoying meta. Devour DM devour devour DM luckluckluckluckluck… I realize re-balancing the whole game is a bit much to ask, but how about encouraging some kind of variation on defense? Maybe give a flat amount of points for putting color-appropriate troops on defense? Please, do something! This is probably the biggest issue.

New patch out soon.
You can’t win every game.

It has been tweaked a bit, and is in a better place. I don’t enjoy it very much, but every indication is a huge number of people do, and it’s been good for the game.

A little more fine-tuning may help, but I’d be surprised if devs do too much more, and their time is now spent on other things.

Good idea, +1 to this.

Disagree. Happier now that the difference is less extreme (the 5th battle was half of the day’s points). Think it needs to have some progression, to keep a little excitement to it.[quote=“woootbm, post:1, topic:25605”]
There isn’t any motivation for an individual to participate

That’s down for the GuildLeader to decide. Being in a guild carries many massive benefits that outweigh the contribution put in. If the GL sets GW participation as expected, that’s a cost the player must pay for the benefits of being in the guild overall.

Yup. Agree. In PVP these things can be skipped or ignored, and many put out snot defences or weaker lines. In GW, it’s death by meta. Work around it as best you can, it’s only five battles.

+1 to this, there are many threads calling for the same.[quote=“UKresistance, post:2, topic:25605, full:true”]
New patch out soon.
You can’t win every game.

I think you’re responding to a different OP to me? Try considering the points made, rather than dismissing as whinging.


Are you beta testing a 3.05 GW build? It’s been submitted to console already, so pc mobile must also be done. And with new patch comes bug fixes and balance changes.
So I am dismissive of GW complaints until I see the new patch.

I wonder if the reward for winning all battles on a given day was 1 copy of the weekly card maybe with a bonus card(s) for perfect run using color of the day on the assigned day.
This may help encourage people to participate if personal motivation is low


I would like to see this. Doesn’t have to be anything big, say 10 glory after completing 5 GW matches? Or double gold/soul/glory payout for GW matches. Something to make it worth it more than just PvP.

I think in our guild, the few members that aren’t participating is because GW is frustrating for them, they don’t have the cards needed to win, they figure why bother if I can’t win and they stay away. So I would like to see a (minor)reward for participation, to encourage players to try. Even a few wins here and there could make a big difference for us.

That would be too much. It would certainly get people playing, but that could mean 5 - 10 of the cards per week. That’s more than the bracket rewards for most people. Less would be better, maybe 1 of the cards at the end of the week if a player finished all 30 matches? That would be nice and it wouldn’t devalue the cards as rewards.

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This sounds like some kind of answer to the question in the topic (which is “when”, and I further ask if the dev’s are planning on changes). So… you could have just phrased it in a manner that helpfully answers the question instead of giving it an antagonistic inflection. Either way you go about it is up to you, but it seems like you aren’t getting why folks don’t appreciate the attitude :wink:

I see the idea at play. How the hype builds up with each fight. That feeling is good, but the way it’s tied to points I think is overkill, is all. Which is why I’d like moving the increasing rewards to the individual reward I suggested. Like, losing the first fight means you lose the last fight. It just makes losing to RNG all the worse. Maybe it should just push you to the next stage instead of re-fighting the same guy? It comes across as totally unnecessary to me. The end result either way is you have less points. Having even 1 loss to a team that wins all theirs means they win the whole thing anyway. Why double down on punishing a loss?

I feel this is a fine attitude for the super try-hard folks at the top. They’re always gonna be cut throat with each guildie’s performance. And giving them reason to do that (winning in the leaderboard and winning the day) already exist. This suggestion is for the lesser guilds. Which comprise like 99% of the game. By giving extra motivation to the selfish ones, this prevents in-fighting and lowers the toxicity of the community by encouraging them to participate without making the guild argue with them.

Yeah, that’s a bit too much, heh. Personally I’d suggest something like 10 gems for doing your 5 matches, another 5 for winning all five (or some variation of small numbers). Hell, sentinels suck your gems away already. This would just be getting those back. Everybody loves gems, even in tiny doses.

The only reason that I see is: if someone loose the 1st battle, he should have less chance to win against a more difficult opponent (because of the sentinel bonus being bigger according to the GW ranks). But I think this difficulty is overestimated and I will prefer that loosing a battle doesn’t block because currently if one loose the 1st battle (420 points), he could obtain only 4200 points versus 5880 points if you could continue.

Yeah, with my current guild’s statue levels a single loss costs me about 2000 points. The information is presented really weird. Like, the first battle is worth “100” points (without color bonus), but actually it’s 2000 because now I can’t do the last fight. Also, I just fought a guild where the same person was both the 4th spot and the 5th spot. What the heck is that?

So there was a patch this week and it didn’t seem to change much with Guild Wars. Really weird that UKresistance was so confident it would fix everything. I guess some people are just optimists, huh? Nice patch though. But please, more iteration on GW! <3

well i saw the new patch on steam and it doesnt help with any main gw issues

  • showing daily color sure is nice
  • showing enemy progress - also nice

but how does it address those?

and one i would like to add: - the lack of extra time to do last days of gw battles

the update didnt change anything in gw gameplay, did it? only in the QoL part…

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