Please do something about leecher - guilds reward -


Can you add something like a rank or % system for guild reward.

I’m tired to see the same people coming and leaving again and again just for the rewards.

A rank : new member can’t contribute to tasks and can’t get reward.
or the new member can contribute but get no rewards during 1 week ; after that delay he get all the rewards.

A % system : The more you participe for tasks, the more reward you get.
For exemple : Guild requirement is 1M per weeks ; if you spend 100K you only got 10% on all rewards and If you spend more gold during the week, reward come each time by 10%.

And add a blacklist option for guild master for blocking leecher/leaver.

I hope it’s understandable and doable.
sorry for mistakes


very good idea, I hope the developers will listen and take up that idea

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As far as I know,
If you kick a player, can’t be join again unless you invite them.

Your ideas are very good.


I have asked the devs for this for years. It always seems to fall on deaf ears.

There’s a reason “Dev” and “deaf” sound the same when you say it out loud.

(I’m sorry Deafs!)


Hey all,

I think this is a cool idea.
I don’t know how it works on the back end or if possible, but I’ll pass it on! :sparkles:

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I said it in another thread there is a real simple solution this that is already in place in some guild events. The guild sets the minimum weekly requirements, and until you hit those minimums you get no rewards. These minimum do not need to be the same as the weekly recommended amounts, but an amount that the guild feels is fair.


but people still come in more often and do a very modest minimum so that they are shielded actively, and at the end of the week it turns out that the freeloader is still the same, but he has already received awards from the event and statues

as of right now this is the number one thing pissing me off… i feel like i bust my ass every week. then you get others just doing the minimum and freeloading. i am never top of my guild but always in the top 5 and the ones at the bottom are always the same people. If possible i say no rewards with out meeting the previous weeks requirements so if you are new to he guild you cant just cash in and leave.


Et oui malheureusement ça se passe partout :/. J aimerai savoir le principe du système que Renard fait allusion, je ne connais pas

I though guild tasks could only be collected once per player? What benefit does someone get from joining a guild collecting tasks then leaving?

No nagging the whole week that you are supposed to contribute your share.


There is no really good solution to this. You can have guild invite only but then you better be recruiting constantly. Leave the guild open and you will get a good player from time to time but will have to deal with the players that for whatever reason refuses to actually play the game and will hop around instead. They are actually not hurting you unless they take the last free spot blocking a potential good person from joining. The GM needs to make sure to stay on top of it if that happens.Top guilds don’t really have this issue. They don’t leave guild open ever and usually have a list of folks waiting to join up…. Another issue is the servers. Some folks refuse to play the game with crappy servers. Used to be crappy on Monday after reset or Friday when a new mythic is released but now it can be anytime like today. Nothing special going on today but again crap servers. Sometimes restarting game or hard reset or resetting your internet works to clear up issue. Today nothing works. Why?Why?Why? I did notice there was something updated today. Who knows. Folks are getting tired of the constant bs.Maybe if we had better servers the folks guild hopping might stay put and play the game but until we get rid of the constant lag we will never know. In the mean time to solve the issue of folks collecting or not just put that in the GM tools. The GM should be able to set it to who can collect and when. Also the GM should be able to set it so no one can donate gold til cleared by them. Some guilds GM might want to leave it like it is but others might want to restrict things. It should be up to the GM of that guild.

All 3 approach in the OP looks terrible!

You won’t know for a week if they are leeches or not.

Does not help either, they would just leave after Monday’s reset.

What about casual and low level guilds for beginners? If you set the bar high, the contributing members won’t get the full rewards, if you set the bar low the leeches can get the rewards just the same.

Not talking about all these solutions could be abused the other way too.
In the first case you just kick the new member before reset and with that stealing their gold.
In the 3rd solution the GM set the target very high, new recruits bust their ass off in the weekly event, get kicked on Sunday so GM’s friend can join, gm sets the limit ridiculously low, gm’s buddy collects the rewards.

There are 2 ways to handle this:

  1. make the guild invite only so you do not invite leeches
  2. Stop being a miser, if only 27 members contribute they won’t get less rewards just because 3 leeches are in the guild
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Well at least the op is brainstorming some ways of making it happen. Rewarding players for joining a guild collecting 60 + LTs on a monday is not going to stem that sort of behaviour. Maybe have it so in order to collect guild rewards and LTs they would have to meet the minimum requirements and have the rewards be retroactively granted as soon as they reach 2 weeks of consecutive minimum requirements. And likewise anything they pay towards tasks can be given back to them if they are kicked before this threshold is met. Sort of a delayed response so neither party is as vulnerable to abuse. If the player joins and meets the requirements week one the rewards wouldn’t be given and the guild would not yet get the tasks their donations have paid towards. As soon as the second week threshold is met then both the guild and the player would recieve the benfits of those payments and anything the player missed out on from the day they joined onward to current day could be granted. The 2 week delay would give both players and guild an incentive to not have as high a turn over rate and players doing guild hopping or joining a guild to collect LTs then leave would not be rewarded they would simply get their donations back and not have gotten anything for them.


Uhm, actually they get less if there are three people with 0 contribution to gold compared to all members contributing.

How about making the minimum the threshold?

Say it’s 800k. You don’t contribute said 800k, you get nothing. Once you’ve paid up, you’ll get all rewards.

Doubt they’ll ever implement it but that would be a way to do it.

We have gold week in our guild where people may contribute more than minimum if they feel like it for maximum LTs during GW week. We have some that never do but that’s okay as they always contribute what we set as a minimum.

and why exactly gold should determine whether a player will receive an award or not ?? gentlemen, gold as a limiter is not a solution, since there are 1k levels that run around guilds and who can accumulate 1kk from tribute without playing and there are guilds in which the standard is 500k, that is, they can pay a subscription and get all the goodies from guilds, but activities from them there will be no seals or cups in the event

there is an idea how all this can be organized without any effort, in the administration of the guilds there are sliders for highlighting the statue of their importance of closing, this system can be tied to the ranks in the guilds, in this way the meaning will appear in the ranks and the GM will be able to determine which ranks how many awards will receive

A highly unfair solution, nobody would contribute a penny after joining a guild if they haven’t promoted to the highest available rank, and I totally agree with it.
Why would I contribute just to veteran players get the rewards.

I played WoW for too many years, there were guilds where the newcomer can not get an item till they haven’t reached the second rank even when nobody else needed it, they disenchanted the item instead of giving to somebody who could use it. I left those guilds immediately.

This is a similar issue. I could live with @sylverscale 's idea, you get nothing till you not contribute the weekly required gold, but in this case nobody would contribute partial amounts, only when they have the weekly limit in one.

This is a very sensitive stuff any change must be thought out carefully!


I’m only talking about rewards given from gold, nothing else. To be able to do something about events, for example, there would need to be a way for GMs to set a minimum for each event (if we’d use the same idea).