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Please check out my video: 2.1 Guild Features Overview

Hey everybody :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished a new video which goes over some of the changes in 2.1. As always I look forward to everybody’s constructive feedback! I have the video project files, so any changes that you recommend I can add and re-upload.

I intentionally left some things out as always it’s a balance of explaining enough vs. explaining TOO much lol

Thanks so much everybody :slight_smile:


Thanks for the video. I think you did a good job balancing the quantity of explanation, though it was maybe a little bit more of an introduction to guilds as of 2.1, rather than a 2.1 update video. What I mean is, if you were just updating current players on the changes introduced in 2.1, the section explaining how to join a guild, what the benefits of being in a guild are, etc., wouldn’t be necessary. However, for a newer player, this is a video that would provide a nice overview of the entire guild system from now until the next major overhaul, while it also provides an overview of the changes. So, a month or two from now, this might be easier for someone who wants to know what guilds are all about if you changed the name of the thread and/or video.

Also, great production values, as always! I appreciate the work you do in editing to keep the total length down.

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Yes, I see your point. What do you think I should change? Or do you think it might help to have a “main menu” made with YouTube Annotations which could link to different sections of the video?

Just talking out ideas. Let me know what you think - I really appreciate the feedback… anything said is something I can use to improve upon this and/or future efforts.

And thanks for the compliment… I try reeeeealy hard not to yabber, breathe into the mic, “umm & uhh”, etc :slight_smile:

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Nicely done, Krudler :smile_cat: I liked that you gave a general overview that was concise and easy to understand.

By the way, you do gain something now when you do a training fight. It counts as a match for gaining seals.

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Really liked that it was very detailed for newer players that others might skip over. Another great video Krudler. The Devs should give this man some codes to give out on his videos! He’s doing a great job supporting this community.


Good to know! I tested prior to making the video but because I was already maxed on seals for this week I didn’t observe that. I’ll put in an annotation now to that effect - thanks!

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Oh man that would be awesome =)

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I really liked it. :slight_smile:

For some reason Gems of War videos always compel me to leave really toxic comments on the video. I guess b/c the response is usually very positive, and it feels like something’s missing from traditional YouTube videos? I never do though. In fact, I usually end up clicking the ad to be extra-supportive, which I would normally never do.

This was really good. Keep up the great work!

My impression is that you have to meet the onerous requirement of asking them. :wink:

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I might just change the name to something like “Video: Overview of guild features, Version 2.1”, or something like that.

I like that! How about “2.1 Guild Features Overview”? You know, so it will fit better in the title and thumbnail.

Sure, sounds great!

Damn I deleted the thumbnail PSD :frowning:

But it’s worth re-creating. I think its way better that what I called it initially.

And don’t forget to change the title of this thread so it can be more easily found in the future. Should we move this to community content, as well?

Wow I didn’t even know you could do that! Done!

Can you change the category, or do you need to be a regular to do that?

I dunno. Every time I post somebody moves it somewhere else, so I don’t know that it matters either way?

I can move it for you, but I wouldn’t do it without your permission. My understanding is that this type of content is supposed to be in “Community content”, but it seems odd to me that a guide in text format goes in one place (community guides) while a guide in video format goes somewhere else (community content), along with the fan fiction, poetry, art, etc.

I propose we move this to Community Guides since it would be a valuable resource for a newer player looking for a general overview of the guild system. I think it would get buried in “gameplay chat” once this conversation ends.

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I don’t really know why it should go one place vs. a different place. But if you and others don’t think it belongs where I slotted it, I don’t have an issue if it gets moved.

edit: Dumb question but are you an admin @stan?