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2.1 Guild Update Video Transcribed for our Hearing Impaired players

@Sirrian has provided us with another informative video but a hearing impaired player who is a friend of mine found that the closed captioning text didn’t match with what he was actually saying. I transcribed the dialogue for them and thought there would be other players that would appreciate it as well. :smile:

Hello adventurers it’s Sirian here with the first look at the 2.1 update which is all about the guilds. But before we look at the guilds here are a couple little surprises. In the top left of the screen you can see my level is 1006. We’ve finally removed the level cap. And you might also notice that some of these kingdoms have more than five power stars. They can go as high as 7 stars in version 2.1.

So let’s begin our tour of the guilds with the Guild Overview menu. Along the top you’ve got some basic information related to you and your guild. More importantly along the bottom you have these six statues – The Guild Guardians. There’s one for each colour of mana in the game. Instead of having just masteries in the guild now you’ve got these statues and in fact your old mastery levels will become the new statue levels when the update goes live. And as you can see each statue provides a number of bonuses. The higher the level the more bonuses it gives. We’re not quite done with these statues yet but just very quickly we’ve moved all the Admin functions for the guild into one button in the screen so they can be quickly and easily accessed from one place.

Now I said I wasn’t done with the Guild Statues and you’ll see what I mean in a moment. This is the tasks menu. You’ll see one task for every colour of mana in the game and these tasks are related to the Guild Statues. When a coloured task is completed everybody in the guild gets a reward in the mail and the corresponding statue gains some experience and may level up. There are 12 tasks on each statue that reset every week. Each one has an increasing cost and an increasing reward. Complete all 12 tasks on a statue in one week and every member of the guild will get a skill bonus for all of their troops for the next 7 days.

And now for something completely new. Guild Seals are a new currency we’ve added to the game. You earn Guild Seals in the regular course of play. And you can see a list of things you can do here to earn some. Now you can only earn 1500 per week but what makes the Guild Seals interesting is that as every member of the guild earns them during the week it gradually upgrades a guild chest and you can then use the seals to buy keys to pull troops from the chests. As you can see in its fully upgraded state it’s kind of like a Gem key. I say kind of because the Guild Chest has one unique feature – it is the only chest in the game that can drop a Guild Guardian. The Guild Guardians are common troops that represent the statues you saw on the first screen. Although they may be common they scale very well as they ascend.

We’ve also included a new Guild Roster Display that’s much easier to manage than the old one. You can now sort your guild members on all sorts of things from name or activity right up to gold, seals or trophies donated weekly. Finally we’ve added a Menu button on the right hand side of each entry which lets you do your guild member management. Oh, one other small thing – you’ll see the Chat button on all these menus. In 2.1 you see the Chat button everywhere. Even in the main puzzle.

Now to the Guild Shop menu. We’ve kept it pretty simple. Do you remember how I said you were limited to 1500 seals per week? Well that’s not entirely true. You can buy some extra ones from the shop once per week. The good thing is that when you do all your guild mates will get some extra guild keys and they’ll even see on the roster who did it.

Lastly we have the League Tab. Not much has changed here although we have added about 15 extra leagues all with extra bonuses. Something to aspire to for our end game players. That’s all for the 2.1 preview. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you when 2.1 goes live.


This is great work.

I want to remind you that you can turn on the Close Captioning in the videos.

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That is true, however the closed captioning didn’t give the words that was actually said all of the time, and makes it confusing.


Great transcription! One small tweak - I think “chat” is available from many screens, not “check.”

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I saw that @Esoxnepa but the text wasn’t matching the words that @Sirrian was saying which prompted me to do this.


Thanks @XLS78. You’re absolutely right. Edited the main script.