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What happened to the old guild tokens?

You know, the ones used to raise masteries? I had about 180 of them and now they disappeared (which makes sense, since they’re no longer used) but how were they converted? The statues are the same level as my guild’s masteries as before the update so they weren’t spent automatically. They’re just gone

They were automatically converted into statue levels and you continue to receive mastery bonuses while now also working toward permanent buffs.

At the previous level (about 48) every mastery was costing 51 tokens to level up

Given that you had approximately 200 tokens, that was enough to buy 4 levels… our system has rounded that up and given you 6 levels (1 for each statue), so your statues are all one level higher than your previous masteries.

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I’m 99% sure my previous mastery levels were already 49, so shouldn’t they be 50 now?

I was wondering about this as well. Right before I got kicked out for maintenance all of my mastery levels were 43 except one that was at 42. My statues are all level 41 with the exception of the one that is level 40 now.

We’re just completed redeploy to recalculate statue levels.

I suggest logging out and logging back in and see if that adjusts anything.

The Statue’s XP may have the wrong display but completing a task for each color should correct this.

Statues will appear to be capped at level 100, until the next update. They should be giving the correct bonuses though.

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I’ll try it out. Thanks Nimhain, so far liking the changes overall :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into it, it’s still showing all level 49 to me though

Did you try donating to a task to see if it adjusted it? Mine still shows the same levels also but no one has donated anything yet since I re-logged.

Yeah, I completed another task, still 49. Logged out, logged back in, still 49 across the board :disappointed:

:sweat: Makes me think mine won’t change either then. I’d already put all my gold into tasks before nim said to try a reset so I’m trying to get enough to clear one again real quick. I’m not too concerned about it. Was more just wondering if it was supposed to be lower. I figured it had something to do with the extra bonus stuff kicking in or something.

Yea I just finished a red task and even reset the game (again) and still the same levels for me as well.

Any update on this?

This what I suppose happend:
You thought your levels are all 49, but in fact your Token cost was that much, but your levels were lower than the cost by 3.

We checked your guild data & your masteries seem to have been 48 when the update hit (that data is stored there for us to see still), your extra tokens were distributed and the result was rounded up to 49.

Could’ve sworn it was 49 before the update but oh well. Thanks anyway