A small clarification about Guilds in 2.1 (in the future)

Hi Everyone,

I just need to make a quick clarification and announcement about something… which should teach me a lesson about being careful what I say!

As many of you may know, on Mobile/PC, our schedule for updates currently looks something like this:

  • 1.0.9 Heroes + some other surprises
  • 2.0 PvP Stuff
  • 2.1 Guilds

I answered a question in a PM the other day about guilds, and replied that there would be lots more to do in Guilds in 2.1 than simply purchase mastery points. We have a plan - it’s pretty cool - it’s also not even 50% complete yet, so we’re not going to share it with you, sorry!

HOWEVER, it came to my attention that this may have caused some people who have seen/heard my response to start stockpiling tokens in advance of the 2.1 update which is still quite a way off.
To any of the Guilds doing that… There is no need! If we introduce a system with lots more stuff to purchase with Guild Tokens, we will refund ALL tokens spent since the founding of your guild, and let you redistribute them as you see fit!

So no need to stockpile!



Oh lol, so we can start spending them again, @Serale. :smiley:


I foresee some issues with the several thousand we’ve spent all showing up at the same time

Don’t worry - we’ll almost certainly use a copy of the Match Masters as a worst-possible test case during QA :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a rework of the guild masteries system since we get a full refund.

Well that’s sweet, can’t wait :slight_smile:

Note the critical “if” in the OP. Token refund is not a certainty. They could introduce a new currency, or achievements, or new task types, or…

No, the “If” is referring to if a system with lots more stuff is implemented in 2.1 - since it’s not complete yet, it’s not a sure thing.

Haha, my accumulation plan failed, but it was worth a shot. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see that all masteries will be refunded, for that is even better. Guild masteries in general could probably stay +10 all or lower; anything more than that would likely be a waist for upper guilds who already capped the effectiveness of masteries (or at least how they currently function and cost). That will leave soooo many resources for other better things. I look forward to it a lot. :smiley:

My math could be off, but that is about 31,500 tokens as of right now, plus about 6 months.


@Serale will have to spend months re-allocating and spending those…

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Thank you! I appreciate any and all extra info pertaining to guilds.

Would be nice if you people stop giving away info about the guild. :v

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I highly doubt many will take the time to do the inverse of that math. It is no secret that we are the #1 guild in all of GoW, at least for now. :3

you already give that ‘info’ in your recruitment post, which says masteries are all 100+. Anyone can just do the math from that.

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So, we should not tell anyone you are our Guild Master?


Not give this kind of ideas to other guilds. Sure this one didn’t work… What if the next one does? Most other people wouldn’t have even think about saving the tokens. In the future they could have ideas alike thinking on this! :smiley:

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I doubt they’re ever going to make guilds a zero sum game. You keep your roster curated with the most active players in the game as you have done so far and I doubt anyone will threaten your #1 position.

Unless they make use of exploits. But none of the top guilds would do that. Of course not.


We can only hope they reset all progress!

I only say that partially in jest. I’m fine with a “all time” score but it’s silly how static things are currently.

That approach definitely worth a like :slight_smile:


Given that you want to ensure that Anonymous’s prodigious trophy accumulation is above board, I’m sure you wouldn’t want MatchMasters to get any unfair advantage over other guilds by using non-publicly available information. Would sort of seem analogous to insider-trading. :slightly_smiling:

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