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2.1 in progress...can we have infos?

Continuing the discussion from A small clarification about Guilds in 2.1 (in the future):


Think you progress , and could you give us some infos of what patch 2.1 ? :slight_smile:


I too would like to hear an update on either features or time frames (or both)

@Sirrian has mentioned that the next minor patch (2.0.1?) will mark the half way point between 2.0 and 2.1. So maybe a month and a half or so till 2.1?

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By that note I expected previews to start yesterday… so clarification is needed indeed.

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What is something that players would want to do in a guild that we can not already do?

The only thing that has been confirmed is that the next patch is divided into 2.0.1 and 2.1. By 2.1 the servers will be switched over. Not too many other things have been mentioned about the patches, but I did post a video on my YouTube going over some possible changes. I can’t post it here though due to Sirrian orders. xD

By 2.1, the game will likely include (not confirmed):

[spoiler]* Both Plague and Death. Plaugue is more than likely next and is rumored to come out later this week.

  • 2 new status effects: web and stun
  • Several new traits: immunity to web/stun/ mana burn / devour, 2x web/stun, skull damage web/stun
  • 2 new kingdoms
  • “guild stuff”
  • something to make arcane traitstones slightly easier to obtain, maybe all traitstones in general (i.e. traitstone guild task)[/spoiler]

For my part, the uncertainty is mostly about things that have relation with the guild. Currently we take decisions for the well being of our members and the guild, but that may be in total contradiction with the future.

@Sirrian says: "HOWEVER, it came to my attention that this may have caused some people who have seen/heard my response to start stockpiling tokens in advance of the 2.1 update which is still quite a way off.
To any of the Guilds doing that… There is no need! If we introduce a system with lots more stuff to purchase with Guild Tokens, we will refund ALL tokens spent since the founding of your guild, and let you redistribute them as you see fit!"
So no need to stockpile!

So, our guild no stockpile token…we have been right?

The changes that will be brought with this patch in relation to the guild, shape our way of giving guild goal.

this is why I created this post, but I leave a general way, because I think that with you also questions about this patch may be different from mine

Hoping some information to better understand what will change for guilds…

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There are so many things that its hard to even mention them all: Better tasks; better (higher) rewards; better guild management tools; better guild communication. And those are just off the top of my head. Guilds have been needing major love for a few years now. As a guild master myself, for me personally, 2.1 is going to be the make it or break it update as we’ve been promised guild love for about 18+ months now. I really like Gems of War but unless the end game guild roles are improved, there won’t be much to keep me around.

I believe @Sirrian however we’ve been burned before by changes. Anyone that’s been around long enough to remember the “You’ll never need more than 4 of each card” can attest to the fact that despite the Dev’s best intentions, sometimes plans change.


you remember this time…(a chance for me I did not need to disenchant)
Another reason that pushes me to ask, not to reproduce this kind of inconvenience.

My memory is hazy. Did the devs actually say this, or was this an assumption the community made?

@MrSammy or some former players, likely this recall this moment…@ogunther if you can find the post… perhaps hard to find despite filters.
for my parts, I link the orginal post

I can’t find the exact quote so I can’t say with 100% assurance that it was said by the Devs but if I recall correctly they did say it somewhere around the time when the ability to 'reserve/lock" up to 4 of each card was implemented in the game (back before ascension was implemented, obviously).

I think that would have been posted on the old forum. This one doesn’t go back far enough maybe.

Yep, i think you’re right, old forum…it’s pretty old.

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2 or so years ago when this game came out the devs said you would fight in teams of four and never need more than four of any unit. scroll ahead to ascention and well you get the idea of what changed.

Yes, I understand – it just seems odd to me, as the dev team really goes out of their way to avoid stating anything in absolutes. I suppose that could be an artifact of being “burned” on a badly-phrased comment, but it’s also possible that people are echo-chambering community assumptions. I guess we’ll never know, if the old forums are forever lost.


I don’t know if the devs ever said anything of the sort on the forums (now or old), but I do think I rememeber a text within the game with a similar content, maybe as a help tip for disenchanting.

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I vaguely recall something like this, too. I just don’t remember what it said exactly. :stuck_out_tongue: Ah well.

At this point I don’t disenchant because I have no real need of souls, but I also think it would be crazy for the devs to suddenly spring more levels on us given how many people have disenchanted extra Mythics. If they do add levels beyond 20, I expect they’ll take new currency to ascend further.

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I think it’s bad form to hoard resources in anticipation of possible new features.

If nobody hoards, then everyone is on an even footing. Which is GREAT and FAIR.

If people with tons of extra resources manage to successfully hoard the proper thing and gain a big boost - they get some personal satisfaction, but remove themselves from the fun of actually playing the game along with everyone else. That’s a poor trade-off, in my opinion.