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Any details about new guild system?

Or have they kept quiet about it so far?

They have been keeping pretty quiet about it. Basically nothing is confirmed about the next patch. Some things I have heard that are likely to occur are:

  • Whole economy rework with a focus on guild resource output.
  • More/Different tasks.
  • Guild tokens will have more uses.
  • To offset the resource decrease from guilds, guilds will be able to earn special “things” that are only obtainable via guilds.
  • Guild vs guild may be implemented.
  • A guild league is likely to be established on a monthly or seasonal basis and will pay out rewards accordingly like how PvP league does, but on a longer time scale.
  • Level cap raise.


I’ve asked Sirrian today on global chat when will we get a preview video and he told me he is going to record it tonight :wink:


Nice can’t wait to watch it

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Are you sure he didn’t just say he’d record it “Soon™”?


Yep, you can send him a message here and confirm what I said is true :slight_smile:

And yep Sirrian is done with recording, videor goes live tomorrow :slight_smile: