Pets the big nuisance

The pets are now becoming a major annoyance. The rotation is not sufficient. If you earn a pet yourself, you NEVER need it. The ones that are needed only come at night when you sleep. On Wednesdays, pet gnomes seem to drop 75% more. What’s in it? Nothing! Except trouble. Why are there no skin bait as compensation on days like this? Likewise if a pet is running in the guild and you cannot start your own. Again, why is there no bait for later. Pets and thus a resource that is so rare and externally determined are almost impossible to collect. You yourself can do almost nothing about missing pets. Here, too, the resource management is desolate in terms of playability. Please change that


Yeah I agree that it’s very frustrating that I get on Wednesdays and in the time that on Saturdays also was a pet event I got plenty pet gnomes while the rest of the time it seems hiding for me except if there is a PR active from another member of guild!
We play very much explore, PVP but the number of pet gnomes is real rare :frowning:

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No pet gnomes in explore. Only pvp, casual pvp and arena. I never play pvp on Wednesdays as any pet gnomes found will be wasted.A guild that has a high participation in Vault weekends will pop a pet rescue as frequently as one per hour. Like everything in this game its a matter of patience.


The easiest way to solve the problem with pets is to add them as craftable items in the Soul Forge. Give them their own separate tab like the Troops and rotate them based on the weekly kingdom. And depending on the week/month include those exclusive holiday or special event day related pets.

We already know that its possible for the devs to do this as they added the cosmetic Anvil pet into the Soul Forge. Just take away the cursed rune cost and instead have it be diamonds, souls, trait stones, and growth orbs that are needed to craft them.

For most players cursed runes are a non-existent resource as we don’t have the time to grind for hours each day in hopes of 1 popping up. I play for about 1-2 hours a day and the last time I saw one 1 was the last gnome event during a GaP. Prior to that it was the previous gnome event and once again it only appeared during a GaP. GaPs are the only times I ever see that gnome appear when I play explore.

Frankly by now I would have figured that at least all of the “cosmetic only” pets would have been added into the Soul Forge as craftable since they don’t offer any additional bonus except for leveling up a kingdom.


Agree it would be great to have some additional way to earn pet rescues. It is indeed a problem if you are on a mostly different time zone from the rest of your guild.

Soulforge is a great idea. There could be some other ideas too? Add a pet to the Class and Faction events in addition to the weapons? Add an occasional pet to the Adventure Board? A special Wednesday pet hunt where more than one pet can be hunted for the day? Or just increase the drop rate in Casual PVP please. Or maybe there can be a way for players to access all pet events their guild had for the day - so if they are on a different time zone it does not matter.

I do a LOT of PVP (casual and ranked) and hardly ever get a pet gnome myself. Recently I only got pet gnomes in the Arena, and I dislike the Arena because one gets a very bad selection of troops to choose from and then one is up against troops from the AI that cast huge damage or increase life drastically - so I lost two pet gnomes in arena due to losing the battle. I do not play arena much anymore.

The Wednesday pet gnome thing is almost like a tease - every Wednesday I get at least 3 pet gnomes easily in PVP and of course they cannot be used as the main pet rescue is running all day on a Wednesday. I think this is some purposeful thing set to annoy players.

It’s a great idea but it would only work if crafting is remotely affordable. Pet gnome bait gets sold for real money, so crafting pets would likely have an ungodly amount of cursed runes attached to it, similar to the Anvil pet. The few player able to afford that are probably farming enough around the clock to already have their pets maxed out anyway.

It’s almost normal that so many pets come on Wednesdays. Another bad game balance. On Wednesdays there are “only” 8 extra games with the pet. On the other days there are always far more. In this way, many players switch to various modes that they otherwise do not play as often as, for example, the PVP mode. Since arena hardly anyone plays because the frustration level here is way too high, there’s not much left, since the underworld isn’t an option either if you don’t have chaos fragments to set the treasure pile higher. As in so many other parts of the game, some of the mechanics are poorly thought out or not thought through at all. The forge of souls offers no satisfaction either. Hundreds of useless resources that you can’t do anything with and in turn important resources that you just can’t get because the drops here are below 01%. Totally daft. A lot of things really need rethinking here, but above all implementation.

@vold, i thinkthe soulforge idea is great. Especially if they didnt require cursed runes but the growth orbs like you suggested

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Hi Mariana,

Im pretty confused do you mean that pet gnomes dont can be trigger in explore mode except in vault events?

In vault events, we have enough PG that we wait on each other to start a new PR

PVP I play pretty usual, Arena if its not necessary Im not to find there coz since the hero Is taking out of there I find it my time not worth to play it then there is enough to do and get on trophies without battling there.

I make on Sunday always a run and after 5th battle I go, so if campaign has task Gladiator I can quick further with next task.

We have that absolute not all 30 are high participation, but the one includes me pull that up to a real active great participation guild :star_struck:

With many players very active in PVP and Arena, but last time the PR’s got lesser Its on one side a frustration but with my visual disorder is this game a long term of reaching goals and im very patience and have no rush!
I love to play GoW and have much pleasure, fun in playing it, on the end I will get the pets and get them to mythic’s :heart_eyes_cat:

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Pet gnomes can’t be found at all in explore no pet gnomes in explore they can only be found in PvP and arena. Guilds with high participation meaning that guild plays a lot and most likely activates pet rescues from playing PvP

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Hi @Vold,

I like that idea if the craft resource is in a normal proportion so like @Tigress said no cursed runes or high gems needed.

There are no pet gnomes in explore. Even during Vault events you need to fight one pvp battle, on occasion more than one, to find a pet gnome and trigger a pet rescue


Okay never to old/long in game to learn something new :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: tbh I was never real busy where I trigger pet gnomes coz I do both very much and couldnt get clear if I never had one had in Explore.

Thanks for your reply!

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Currently I’m missing four of the new pets (not found in guild yet), otherwise my pet mastery is at maximum. I never farmed/played around the clock. I like the game, but I never “lost myself” into it. The key of getting the full collection is just “over time”. I play the game continuously since more than five years. At some point, for nearly two years, I specifically bought up rerun cosmetic pets to max them while also buying all new cosmetic pets to max them, and at some point it was done.
Of course it wasn’t easy and took a long time due to inconsistent reruns. But it was doable and doesn’t need a shortcut route in the soulforge. Even though “cursed runes” aren’t neccessarily a shortcut route for everybody.
Just like it was possible to finish to 87500p in underworld without the potion helper upgrade.

In my opinion (rerun) cosmetic pets should just get a “every saturday”-event. 52+ guaranteed (cosmetic) pet rescues a year should be fine for everyone to collect stuff, or they just get rotated into the Wednesday pool with all the regular pvp pets.

This is exactly why soulforge update was pointless for almost everyone.


Your statement: “If you earn a pet yourself, you NEVER need it. The ones that are needed only come at night when you sleep.”

I may be misunderstanding your meaning here. As far as those pets with a bonus affecting team, race, stat, or specific card —

“Pets give you their Bonus even if they aren’t equipped. Equipping a Pet to your Hero is purely for cosmetic reasons.”

There is no such thing as a useless Bonus pet. You won’t see a rise in any bonus just because you equip the pet, as that bonus is already active. The bonus goes into affect as soon as you meet the criteria of that pet’s bonus. For example: if you have the Trogpole pet fully levelled, you receive a X3 Team Bonus as soon as you create a Darkstone Team. You will not see the bonus in your stats change by equipping and unequipping the pet because the bonus became active as soon as you assembled the Darkstone team.

I hope this and the link I’ve provided helps to clear up some pet issues.

Of course, you’re misunderstanding.
What they meant was (in a sarcastic tone) - when you trigger a rescue, it drops a pet you have maxed already; when somebody else triggers a rescue while you’re sleeping, it drops a pet you still need copies of.

Another sneaky attempt to get all pets of a kingdom (except cosmetics) is the following method:
Once your kingdom requires a pet to be at level 20 to upgrade your kingdoms power level and those pets show up in daily offerings or arena offerings, you should gather all of them but dont level them up to 20 till you got all of that specific kingdom. It will take some time but it’s deffinetly faster then waitin for pet rescues… and its cheaper then purchasin them in the pet shop :wink:

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One easy solution to “right” pet paucity would be to disenchant extra copies of already maxed pets to some currency that can be used in soulforge to craft specific pets (or pet’s food, if you want to maintain current exchange possibility).

Pets available in soulforge can be rotated with kingdom or randomly.
Ratio extracopy/newpet can be easily tweaked to be in the order or 5 or maybe 10, don’t know.
Thus every pet rescue will matter and don’t feel like a shot at (miserable) jackpot.
Player in dire need of a soulforge available pet will probably spend gems on another pet rescue to have copies to exchange, so economy would be safe.

It would also be an excellent way to obtain cosmetic pets that will never be around anymore (I’m looking at you, Valentine’s day pets)

Just my idea though

thats wrong I got one in explore yesterday dragons edge lvl 4 explore played 5 times