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My pet complaint

I like the pets, they are cute and such. I’m up to 5 and happy, but the 1 hour clock greatly alters the way I can play this game.

The issue is before if I had 20 minuets or so before I had to do something I could load up the game and play 2-3 rounds of PvP, get some extra gold and have some fun, made the game quite portable and a fun distraction. The issue is now if I hit a pet gnome, I’ve got 1 hour to try and get that pet, suddenly I either throw away a rare chance, or am forced to play the game until I get past the rescue. Every other thing in the game is as you wish, vault keys, treasure maps, raid events, but pet rescue now put in a timer that mentally locks you into playing.

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Can we please stop complaining about pet? If that continue they will put them all at 24h like yesterday and it was the most boring day of the week


The one hour thing sucks, but just increasing the timer or making them daily rotations to compensate would both be a “worst of both worlds” type of solution where everybody loses. There are many other ways to make the system less obnoxious to people that don’t conform to how this system attempts to incentivize playing other than increasing timers or a fixed daily rotation. Too bad many of them involve not making it a guild triggered one hour timer in the first place and therefore are probably off the table at this point.

But yeah, I’m in agreement: don’t make them daily rotations and don’t extend the timers. This just makes a bad system worse for the people that are enjoying it without really addressing why the people that don’t… don’t.


Yeah exactly! increasing timer won’t fix anything, in fact it will be harder for people who only can play 2-3h every day. You log in fine 1h left on the timer you got time to do your battles but oh well you now need to wait 4h for another chance


People need to just get used to the idea that they are going to profit from this event in proportion to the amount that they play. I sleep and have a job, so I won’t collect every pet that my guild triggers. I’m OK with this. When I can sit down and play for a few hours, I’ll usually be able to pick up a pet or two. Over the course of weeks and months, I’ll collect all the pets and gradually level them up.

I’m actually kind of glad that I don’t play on mobile and feel the pressure to sneak off from my job to grind out a pet rescue in the middle of the day.


This is kind of why a lot of players are suggesting the devs re-evaluate. It’s not good for an F2P game to make players say things like, “Gee, I sure am glad I can’t play more than I do.”

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It’s a funny thing. Being able to log in more frequently and collect tribute would be great, but you can’t pop in and rescue a pet with a similarly minimal time investment. When I AM playing, I wouldn’t want the potential for pets to be diminished. I’m not sure what the answer is, aside from “This probably isn’t going to change, so I might as well resign myself to making a healthy lifestyle choice”.

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I understand everyone want them all but it will come with the time. Now it look crazy cause they puted 36 pets in the pool but in couples week when everyone will get them all they will release 1 new pet every month and people won’t care that much to miss a pet


Wrong. It’s not proportional at all to the amount they play. it’s proportional to how often you are able to immediately dedicate roughly 20 minutes of play to doing the event at the completely random and unannounced times that the event springs up. Nobody knows until the gnome shows up for someone in the guild when the next event will be. You can’t plan around it, and it is a total disruption to whatever you happen to be doing at the time when the event does pop up.

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